September 2013

Hello carbon tax friends:

1) Bill McKibben will be in Seattle this Saturday for a 350 Seattle event at Myrtle Edwards Park, and the good folks at 350 Seattle have invited CarbonWA’s Cathy Carruthers to give a 45-minute workshop on carbon taxes and the CarbonWA campaign! The whole event is from 11am-2pm, and our workshop will be either at 11am or 12pm. Check for the latest details at 350 Seattle. more

Hello carbon tax friends: It’s been a busy couple of weeks, with lots of good news (and a talk coming up this Thursday in Portland)!

1) Joining Denis Hayes, Marcia Baker, and Shi-Ling Hsu on our Advisory Board is Harvard environmental economist Marty Weitzman, who is on just about everyone’s shortlist to win the Nobel Prize in Economics for his pioneering work on Pigouvian taxes versus cap-and-trade, climate change “fat tails”, etc. As if that’s not enough, Harvard economics department chair Greg Mankiw’s NY Times column this week was a love letter to revenue-neutral carbon taxes. (And keep in mind that Mankiw is perhaps the most prominent Republican economist in the country!) more