September 2014

Here is the first draft of the carbon tax swap calculator… check it out and see how the CarbonWA proposal would affect your household!

How you can help: We would greatly appreciate your feedback in the Comments section below: Did everything make sense? Did you find any bugs? Do you have any questions? And (most of all) did you come out ahead?!?? Whether or not you came out ahead is actually quite important, so if you’re willing please post your location and maybe we’ll contact you about being an [anonymous] case study! more

Hello carbon tax friends:

* Carbon tax calculator release: If you want to be among the first users of the carbon tax calculator, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and stay tuned for an announcement in the next few days! (You’ll also help us reach our social media goals ? And if you’re not on Facebook or Twitter then hang tight for the announcement in next week’s email blast! more

Hello carbon tax friends:

* More from Seattle Business magazine: In addition to their editorial endorsement of the CarbonWA policy, Seattle Business magazine has now posted their excellent article about carbon pricing. Check it out and please circulate widely! more