October 2013

Hello carbon tax friends, and many thanks to everyone who went to the Seattle CLEW hearing (that’s Climate Legislative and Executive Workgroup) last week! As reported by CarbonWA supporter Jeremy Stone, “There were more calls for a carbon tax than I could count. Probably 1 out of 4 speakers brought it up… I was also surprised how wide the demographics were that asked for a carbon tax — they ranged from hippies and activists to business leaders… [Also] there’s a great summary from KUOW.” more

This piece is by Eric de Place and Yoram Bauman, reposted from Sightline.

These are exciting times for carbon pricing in the Pacific Northwest. Under the auspices of the Climate Legislative and Executive Workgroup (CLEW), state leaders are, right now, engaged in the first serious look at the subject in years. (Please be sure to attend the hearings on October 23 in Seattle, and December 6 in Olympia!) The work is heavily informed by a recently released report commissioned by the state. It sets a foundation for the important work ahead, but we fear that it makes a few missteps that are unhelpful to policymakers. Our aim is to set the record straight about the benefits (and perils) of carbon pricing. more

Hello carbon tax friends: It’s been a few weeks since our last email blast, but we’ve been working hard and have a lot of great news to share:

1) We reached our summer target of 100,000 signature pledges!! Thanks to everyone who helped us get there, and if you haven’t pledged yet, we’re aiming to get at least another 100,000 pledges by the end of the calendar year so make a pledge here to collect signatures between the end of January and the end of June of next year. (We’ll need 325,000 signatures during that time frame to get on the Nov 2014 ballot.) more