November 2013

Hello carbon tax friends: Next week we’ll have more developments, including an update on our legislative language, but for this week (happy Thanksgiving!) we’ll keep it short and sweet:

* We’re delighted to announce a unanimous endorsement for our campaign from the University of Washington’s Confronting Climate Change Student Organization. more

Hello carbon tax friends: It may be nearing wintertime, but our bipartisan push on climate change is starting to bear fruit!

* We’re delighted to announce that free-market environmental expert Todd Myers has agreed to join our Advisory Board. You can get a good sense of his perspective via his columns in the Wall Street Journal and the Seattle Times. more

Hello carbon tax friends, we’ve got lots of progress to report this week:

* We’ve hired Kristy Royce as our new organizer! Kristy is the co-founder of CoolMom and is going to put her business experience to use pushing the campaign forward. Those of you who have pledged to collect signatures during our window of January – June 2014 should expect to hear from Kristy in the near future (!), and those of you who haven’t pledged should make a signature pledge now. (And if you’d rather give money instead of or in addition to giving time, well, we’ve made good use of your donations so far and we need $10,000 to take it to the next level, so please help by making a donation.) more

Feedback welcome, please note that this is just a draft!

AN ACT Relating to promoting sustainable economic development; amending RCW 82.08.020, 82.04.4451, and 82.08.0206; adding a new chapter to Title 82 RCW; repealing RCW 82.04.240, 82.04.2403 and 82.04.2404; and providing an effective date. more