November 2014

Hello carbon tax friends: Last Wednesday was my birthday, and the best present I got was being reunited with my family after being out on a two-week comedy-and-carbon-tax tour. more

A post-election open letter to the environmental community in Washington State

There are two paths to carbon pricing in Washington State and beyond. One path is to take a bipartisan approach by trying to find common ground with folks on the right side of the political spectrum. The other path is what I call the Progressive Take-Over of the World: Democrats work to elect an environmental majority and push through their agenda. This path is intellectually and ideologically comfortable—it fits squarely into the progressive vision that many environmental activists share and so requires no compromises or hard decisions—but it is almost certainly the wrong way to go. The purpose of this letter is to make the case for pursuing a bipartisan approach instead. more

Hello carbon tax friends: We’re delighted to announce an endorsement from Olympic Climate Action, a terrific grassroots group on the Olympic Peninsula! more

Hello carbon tax friends: I’ve been remiss in suggesting readings the past few weeks, so here’s a whole bunch of readings: more