December 2012

  • A great article in the Whitman College newspaper by student Sam Chapman. And David Frum on And Sightline’s Anna Fahey says that a new poll shows that Americans are “conflicted on a carbon tax”.


There continues to be a lot of talk about carbon taxes at the state level in Washington (and in Oregon and maybe even in California) and also a lot of play at the national level, including this Elizabeth Kobert piece in the New Yorker, plus David Frum and this terrific Tom Toles cartoon. Nothing more definitive to report—and there probably won’t be until legislatures come back into session in January—but we should keep pushing! more

Some great carbon tax news via Crosscut about state senator Kevin Ranker from Orcas Island. We’ve got a meeting with him this coming Friday so hopefully we’ll know more soon… but the bottom line is that carbon tax talk continues to heat up!