December 2014

Hello carbon tax friends: The past week has been dominated by Governor Inslee’s climate proposal (and by the Seattle Times editorial board arguing for a revenue-neutral alternative!), so here are some thoughts, with a preface that Divest UW and Green Evans are organizing a climate policy forum for Wednesday night Jan 14 featuring KC Golden from Climate Solutions, yours truly, and hopefully others. Details TBD! more

Hello carbon tax friends: Lots of great news to report this week!

Moneybomb: When we launched our moneybomb at the beginning of the month we had just over $13,000 in the bank. Our balance is now just shy of $85,000, and we have pledges for $20,000 more… meaning that we are within sight of meeting our winter deliverable of having $100k in the bank. So let’s take a moment to celebrate: The moneybomb brought in almost 100 donations (thank you!) totaling $7,785. Of that amount, $595 came as recurring monthly donations, so counting those as 10x means a moneybomb grand total of $13,140. (It also means that our recurring donors now total16 pledges for a total of $1350 a month.) And as promised in our moneybomb email, major donors added checks and pledges to bring us to where we are now, with $85k in the bank and pledges for $20k more. Great work! more

Hello carbon tax friends: We’ve had a busy Thanksgiving week, with a new draft of our ballot language and our signature gathering budget and plan… and that plan says that it’s time for a moneybomb! (In case you’re unfamiliar with the concept, a moneybomb is a collection of mostly small donations that add up to a substantial fundraising haul over a short period of time.) In our case, we’re aiming for $10,000 by midnight on Tuesday evening December 9… and that evening you can help us celebrate at Greendrinks at Tesla Motors on Westlake! more