November 2016

Famed environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., has weighed in on I-732. Writing in EcoWatch, Kennedy says “Washington state voters have a profound duty to support Initiative 732, our nation’s first carbon tax.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Supports Initiative 732, carbon tax in Washington

“By making Washington the premier American government to place a price on carbon, Evergreen voters will pioneer the trail away from our deadly carbon addiction and its murderous offspring: climate chaos . . .”

Kennedy also emphasizes the national importance of I-732: “By voting yes on I-732, Washingtonians will not just preserve the environment for children. They will pave the way for a national transition to the clean energy future.

“I hope Washington voters will step up and show the federal government that the visionary, idealistic, can-do leadership is alive and well in America and it’s living in Washington state.”

Read his complete column in EcoWatch. (You can also help share the article via Facebook and Twitter.) (more…)

5 days left

Carbon tax friends, we’ve got 5 days left and we’re closing strong! 

When we launched this campaign we compared ourselves to a relief pitcher, and now—two years later— we are on the mound, it’s down to the wire, and it’s time to finish strong!

You can get inspiration from today’s New York Times article about I-732 (and the fight over coal export terminals). And also the article in today’s Seattle Times.

Washington's carbon tax and Leonardo Dicaprio's Before the Flood climate change urgency

Washington’s carbon tax swap initiative 732 and Leonardo DiCaprio’s documentary ‘Before the Flood’ share a common goal: to push the reality of climate change and its devastating impact to the forefront. DiCaprio shared his support of I-732 and the urgent need for action against climate change on Twitter and Facebook. Watch Leo’s ‘Before the Flood’ documentary below.

Leonardo DiCaprio says Yes on Initiative 732, Washington’s carbon tax swap

I-732 is a chance to create a clean energy future. Join @CarbonWA and @AudubonWA and vote #Yeson732.


Celebrity support for I-732: Don Cheadle, Leonardo DiCaprio, Lili Taylor

Leonardo DiCaprio, Don Cheadle and Lili Taylor have all said yes on I-732 on social media. #YesOn732 continues to be building momentum via Facebook and Twitter as celebrities push for the I-732 carbon tax swap in Washington State.

Leonardo DiCaprio says Yes on Initiative 732 and a clean energy future:

I-732 is a revenue-neutral carbon tax—the first of its kind in the U.S. It offers Washington state a chance to protect birds and secure a clean energy future. Vote Yes on I-732 to act on climate.


I-732 puts a price on carbon-polluting products that makes collection of many waste products competitive with fossil energy costs.

  • Collecting forest residuals made economically attractive by I-732 can displace coal used in electric utilities or natural gas for heat reducing fossil emissions.
  • Collecting demolition wastes displace natural gas for industrial heating or district heating (such as serving downtown Seattle).
  • Many landfills currently do not capture their released gases for energy. The higher price on fossil emissions will motivate landfills to more completely capture the gases from decomposition of buried wastes, which can then be burned (both consuming the gas and creating economic value).
  • The increased value of biofuels resulting from I-732 will promote co-product use of biofuels and existing fossil fuels. This also avoids the capital losses resulting from a complete shutdown of the infrastructure currently used solely for fossil fuel plants.
  • The increased value of biofuel feedstocks applies to a wide range of agricultural wastes as well as forest wastes. This will increase the scale of energy-producing facilities (and decrease the share of fossil fuels consumed) making the energy more cost-effective and better mitigating carbon emissions.
  • Collecting wastes for recycled products or biofuels to displace fossil-intensive products and fuels also reduces particulate emissions from other disposal alternatives.

Without I-732’s fossil carbon tax, there is no motive for companies to collect waste products that can displace fossil energy products.

By Bruce Lippke, Professor Emeritus, U of WA, Environmental and Forest
Science; President Emeritus, CORRIM, a national Consortium for Research on
Renewable Industrial Materials

Photo: Forest slash ground into a uniform feedstock for boilers

Clean energy is just one of the reasons to vote for I-732Talking to your friends and neighbors about what to vote for? Here’s why everyone should vote for Initiative 732:

  1. Makes polluters pay: I-732 includes the strongest price on carbon anywhere in the U.S. No more “polluting our skies for free.” It changes the math so that clean energy becomes even more attractive and we can make the switch to clean energy more quickly.
  2. Makes our tax system fairer: In Washington, the less you earn, the bigger share of your income goes to taxes. I-732 gives our tax system a push in the direction of greater fairness. It uses money that polluters will pay to cut the sales tax by a full point. That’ll put hundreds of dollars each year in the pockets of everyone in the state.
  3. Helps households hardest hit by climate change: I-732 will fund a 25% match of the federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), which has been called the country’s best anti-poverty program. With I-732 some 460,000 households will receive direct checks of up to $1,500 every year.
  4. Will inspire other states to put a price on carbon pollution: Washington can lead the way to a clean-energy future. Groups in other states are also working on pricing carbon — but none have gotten this far. They tell us that I-732 inspires them. Let’s pass it and lead a national movement.
  5. Leaves a better world for our children: The world is warming at an alarming rate. Audubon’s recent Birds and Climate Change report says half of bird species in the U.S. and Canada are seriously threatened. Climate scientists and economists agree that putting an effective price on carbon is the single most important thing we can do to reverse this trend. By voting Yes on I-732 we’ll be able to tell our kids and grandkids that we did the right thing.

You can read a lot more reasons why I-732 deserves your support in this column by Ramez Naam in The Stranger, and this column by climate scientist Richard Gammon in Yes! Magazine.

Photo from Drew Hays via

Carbon tax friends, we have a good shot at winning… 

Last week the Elway Poll showed a “significant gain in support” for I-732. This week we’ve got a KCTS poll showing 51% Yes, 44% No, 4% Undecided. (Note that they pushed pretty hard on Undecided voters, many of whom still don’t know what I-732 is all about or or that it will be the most potent carbon tax in North America!

leonardo-dicaprio-tweets-in-support-of-i-732And in just the last few days we’ve gotten a boost from the Washington Post editorial page, from Leonardo DiCaprio (for comic relief see also this classic headline in the Tacoma News Tribune), and from the folks at Years of Living Dangerously.  (more…)