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It’s the 4th quarter! 

If you read our last email blast you know it’s the fourth quarter in the fight against climate change, we’re behind, and we’re running out of time. But we’ve got the ball and Initiative 732 has managed to slip past the opposing defense and we are wide open in the center of the end zone! 


But we need the ball to score. Our ability to make the case for taking action on climate change now is highly dependent on our ability to raise additional funds. If you want to see I-732 succeed, the most useful thing you can do (besides volunteering your time to contact voters) is make a financial contribution to allow us to bring our message straight to the electorate.

A group of donors are matching all gifts up to $57,000 so GIVE NOW! 

If you donate right now – your gift of $50 becomes $100 or your gift $500 becomes $1,000. Late stage fundraising like this will be used to ramp up our field program, buy much needed materials, and purchase targeted advertisements.

Will you make a donation today?

Will you go one step further by sharing this with your friends and family to encourage them to join you in contributing? See below for sample text you can copy into an email to your contacts!

Let’s win!

Kyle and the Yes on 732 team


PS. If you need some more inspiration take a quick trip down memory lane – you can see our Lopez Island volunteer Chom gathering signatures in the summer of 2015, our signature turn in to the Secretary of State in late December, just last week our Yakima chapter Sun Fair Parade! We’ve come too far to let up now – let’s finish strong!

dsc09028-1 lions-and-tigers sig-turn-in

Dear friend,

This November there is an incredibly important initiative on the ballot in Washington: I-732.

I-732 will make polluters pay for their carbon emissions – promoting clean energy. It also reduces the sales tax, lowers the business tax on manufacturers, and funds a low-income rebate.

I’m supporting I-732 because I believe it’s so critical that we take action on climate change so we don’t saddle our kids with the impacts from runaway climate change. I-732 is Washington’s chance to lead the nation toward a cleaner and greener future. This grassroots effort is powered by small donations from regular people like you and me. Despite opposition from special interests and polluting industries from across the political spectrum this campaign is poised to pull of a victory but only if we can provide it with the resources necessary to get the message out.

Between now and October 3rd all donations (dollar for dollar up to $57,000) to the campaign will be matched. Will you join me in making a contribution?

Do you want to learn more about I-732 first? Visit the campaign website or read the 3 part Sightline series that says “I-732 would launch Washington to a position of global leadership on climate action”.

Thanks from your friend,