Campaign News

The cost increase for fossil emissions from I 732 will increase carbon saving innovations like new structural designs, product and production process changes and more efficient use of resources.

  • Without I-732 there is no economic need to design buildings that are carbon efficient.
  • The cost disadvantage for fossil emitting processes will motivate using newly Engineered Wood Products, and prefabricated wood assemblies.
  • The increased cost of emissions resulting from I732 will motivate greater collection of wood wastes such as demolition wood for reuse, reprocessing into like new products or for heat, displacing the use of fossil fuels.
  • The increased value in waste wood will motivate the collection of underutilized forest residual for heat displacing natural gas.
  • Every stage of processing will be considered for upgrading efficiency
  • Building tall structures from 6 to 15+floors will reduce the emissions from current building designs.
  • Developing prefabrication of assemblies will more effectively use wood in structural assemblies.