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Hello Carbon Tax Friends, 

We have always sought to be honest and forthright with you as we fight our way toward climate action in 2016. Nothing is changing that now.

For years there have been those who seek to oppose action on climate and there continue to be those opposed to climate action today. So there is a statement in opposition to I-732 and you can read it a the linked pdf below. 

This language is final and will be in the voter pamphlet this year but we’d still love to hear your opinions. Just let us know what you think in the comments below.

Let’s WIN!

732 Opposition Statement Final (pdf)

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  • Russell Maier says:

    Rebuttal comments
    Deficit – This is budget neutral and does not increase the state deficit
    Climate and Jobs – 732 pushes market based reforms not legislative mandates
    Equity – Fixes a regressive sales tax now. Who’s done that in the last two decades?

  • Ian Crozier says:

    It is disheartening to see Got Green, Sage, One America on there.
    For me the regressivity of the sales tax is critical, and these folks are just wrong on the equity piece. The sales tax is a disaster for poor people. We have the most regressive tax system in the country. Those opposed are trying to take money out of poor people’s pockets by opposing the reduction of the sales tax and the Working Families rebate.

    • Mike Eddy says:

      Hear, hear Ian! Continued regressive sales + continued climate catastrophe = continued acceleration of inequality and impact on those less fortunate. My hope is that these naysayers stand FOR something rather than promote obstruction like our Congress. Time is not on anyone’s side.

  • Francine says:

    The opposition statement places the burden of “climate policy” on lil’ old I-732. What they fail to acknowledge is that I-732 is the citizens of Washington taking a small step to a climate solution— in the ABSENCE of a comprehensive climate policy. Shame on those who signed on the statement.

    • Mike Eddy says:

      Amen Francine. It seems myopic for these other organizations who could be allies for social, economic, and environmental justice to obstruct progress because it doesn’t fit in what seems to be a narrow view of a solution.

  • Sheri says:

    The alternative to I-732 is to wait for our legislature to take action. Does anyone see that happening any time soon? Passing I-732 starts action on reducing pollution, which disproportionately affects the poorest among us, immediately.

  • Eleanor Hungate says:

    Initiative 732 returns all the revenue to the taxpayers so as to sustain aggregate demand, which in turn protects jobs and the overall economy. Individuals and enterprises are free to find their own preferred mitigation. The cap and trade approach is a revenue positive tax-in-disguise. It takes a chunk out of the overall economy with negative impacts on jobs in all sectors, not just energy-based or energy-reliant sectors, and promises the impossible – to provide fair and adequate mitigation to all. Economists overwhelmingly prefer a revenue neutral tax to the cap and trade approach. I-732 is the better answer for Washington State.

  • Mary S. says:

    We need to keep our sights on a sustainable world for future generations and not get bogged down in today’s short term issues.

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