Campaign News

Audubon Washington — the statewide chapter of the National Audubon Society — has announced its support for I-732.

“Climate change is a threat to birds and people, and a carbon tax is a proven solution to reduce greenhouse gases,” said Gail Gatton, executive director for Audubon Washington. “Not only will passing I-732 help reduce carbon pollution, but it will encourage clean sources of energy and secure a sustainable and prosperous future for our state. I-732 is the best option available today to protect birds from this threat, and we can’t afford to stand on the sidelines.”

Read “Why We Support I-732,” the Audubon news release, “Cutting Carbon Pollution” and Audubon’s “Take Action” page (where you can show your support for I-732!).


“We are thrilled to have Audubon Washington, an organization with a steadfast commitment to conservation and environmental protection, supporting the Yes on I-732 campaign,” said Joe Ryan, campaign co-chair. “Audubon has been at the forefront of research and awareness related to the devastation global warming will have on birds and other wildlife. The clear human impact of increased drought, wildfires, sea level rise, and other damaging impacts of climate change underscores the moral urgency to take climate action now. We are eager to work together to pass I-732.”