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UW scientists “deeply concerned about the consequences of man-made climate change” call I-732 “a major step in the right direction.”

SEATTLE, October 10, 2016 – More than fifty climate scientists from the University of Washington signed an open letter advocating their support for Initiative 732 (, a revenue neutral carbon tax swap that will be on the ballot in Washington State this November. These scientists are world-leaders in the study of climate change and the profound impacts of rising levels of greenhouse gases, such as CO2, in the atmosphere.


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Save the dates and upcoming events

  • Just confirmed! On W Sept 28 in Seattle with UW meteorologist Cliff Mass we will have a wine-and-cheese reception in Kane Hall followed by a lecture; details TBD but save the date!
  • Coming soon, RSVP now! On T August 30 in Seattle we are hosting a BBQ at Gasworks Park from 6:30-8:30pm. Bring your family and friends and please RSVP on Facebook or on our events form.
  • This Sunday in Spokane: Join campaign co-director Kyle Murphy and volunteers at a campaign meetup at 11am at Atticus Coffee; email Kyle if you need more details.
  • On the horizon:  W Sept 14 in Spokane we’ll be part of a State of the Green Economy discussion;  F Sept 16 in Oak Harbor I’ll be speaking at the Rotary Club; Th Sept 22 in Seattle we’ll be hanging out with tax lawyers; W Oct 5 in Seattle with Seattle 4 Rotary; and Th Oct 20 in Pullman and Spokane, details TBD. Email us if you have other ideas to fill up the calendar and get the word out!


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Hello, carbon tax friends: Please forgive this extra email blast, but I couldn’t help it: the news this weekend will be dominated by exploding oil trains and heat waves and that combination makes for a fabulous opportunity to write a Letter to the Editor… so will you take 15 minutes to help spread the message that we have a moral obligation to act on climate change and that you’re going to vote Yes on I-732?


Hello carbon tax friends: This week we’ve got our first big national media splash (a terrific story by on CNN’s John Sutter), plus engagement opportunities for Earth Day and beyond, summer fellowship news, a $40,000 matching challenge, and a personal note from yours truly (Yoram). And if this is your first email newsletter, be sure to check out, visit our FAQ page, and join a chapter near you to be a part of our movement! (more…)

Hello carbon tax friends: The special session in the legislature continues, but this is a good week for stepping back and stepping up as we continue gearing up for the November ballot… including the last few days of our campaign moneybomb(more…)

Hello carbon tax friends: There is legislative gridlock and a special session on the way in Olympia, but we have two ways to make lemonade from the lemons. First, our Olympia team—led by indefatigable Executive Committee member Greg Rock—will continue to have in-depth conversations about carbon taxes and I-732B options with legislators and lobbyists and citizens from across the political spectrum. (Those in-depth conversations will pay dividends for years to come and would not have happened without I-732!) Second, we are launching our campaign for the November ballot: instead of once again having to put climate action off for another year, we have a campaign to put a price on carbon, so read on for the road ahead, plus upcoming events, news articles… and a campaign moneybomb(more…)

Hello carbon tax friends: We still don’t know if there will be action in Olympia this coming week on a 732B alternative, but what we do know is that we’ve gotten a lot of folks thinking about and talking about carbon taxes and climate policy. And since I’m on the east coast this week I can confirm that our influence is actually being felt all around the country! More on that below, plus a great NYT article on the BC carbon tax and other news stories… but we’re going to begin with a strong endorsement of I-732 from Interfaith Works.


Hello carbon tax friends: We had about 80 folks turn out for Lobby Day on Tuesday (!), so if you came then Thank You and if you didn’t then you can still contact your legislator directly! Read on for more news from Olympia, for a Fiscal Note update, and for media stories about I-732 and beyond.


Hello carbon tax friends: This week we’ve got more news from Olympia, including your last chance to RSVP for Lobby Day on Tuesday Feb 23!


Hello carbon tax friends: Lots of activity in Olympia this week: our first hearing in the State Senate, an op-ed in The Olympian… and RSVP for Lobby Day for Tuesday Feb 23! (You can also try out our snazzy new form to contact your legislator directly.) (more…)