Call Voters - CCL

We have nearly 1 million calls to make between now and November 8th. Thank you in advance for taking the time to take action today!

You can call anytime during normal hours, but the best times to call are weekday evenings and weekends during the daytime. If you’re out of state, you can still call, but be aware of any time differences!   

  1. First Time? Detailed instructions with screen shots can be found here
  2. Click the link below to create an account and call voters in your region.
    • Please use your real name and phone number to create your account.
    • Sign up to call one of our active regions below:
      • King County
      • We will be adding more regions soon!!
    • Returning User – Head to and click “Login”
      • Then click Join Campaign to get started calling again
  3. Use this script (pdf)
  4. Follow the prompts, record the survey results, and don’t hang up!

Watch this agent demo video if you want to see a ‘how to’ before beginning, but its very easy. Just follow the prompts!