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Introducing: the Carbon Washington Scholarship Program

As many of you know, Carbon Washington just passed a critical halfway point (for gathering signatures, at least!). We are gearing up for the home stretch! Carbon Washington spent its early years meeting in classrooms at UW, and many of its leaders (academics and students) have a UW background – it makes sense that we want to team up with students to help us finish what we started.

Plus, education is expensive (DUH!), which can be a barrier to success for many students. The campaign wants to help in the small way that we can – and ta-da! -the Carbon Washington Scholarship Program was created. Use our scholarship to buy books, save up for a laptop, transportation (maybe a moped!), or a lifetime supply of Top Ramen to power you through late nights of studying.

Who is eligible:

Any current high school or college students, and anyone preparing to enter any educational institution before the end of the calendar year.

How it works:

  1. Write a two-part cover letter explaining (1) why you care about climate change and (2) how $250 or $500 will help you succeed in school. Maximum 500 words. Email your letter and inquiry to
  2. Set up a time to meet with Kyle, or other Carbon Washington leaders, to receive necessary materials and go thorugh a brief training.
  3. Be prepared to gather either (1) 250 signatures (about 10 hours of work) for a $250 scholarship, or (2) 500 signatures (about 20 hours of work) for a $500 scholarship.
  4. Mail the signatures to: PO Box 85565, Seattle, WA 98145 (or turn them into a local CarbonWA leader in a large mailing envelope with your name on it.) All signatures due October 30th 2015!
  5. Receive a check made out directly to you, and use the funds for your educational needs.

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