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We have reached an incredible milestone – 256,471 signatures. We would not be here without our incredible volunteers, whose hard work and dedication have been unbelievably inspiring. While we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished, there is still a lot of work to achieve our signature goal of 330,000. Join supporters, like Krist Novoselic and Ramez Naam, in helping us cross the finish line. Not only would I-732 put the strongest price on carbon in the nation, it would also be the most progressive shift in Washington’s tax system since the 1977 ballot measure exempted groceries from the sales tax.

CarbonWA - 256000 Signatures October 5th

Grab a signature board and speak to your friends, family, and neighbors about bringing a revenue-neutral carbon tax to our state. As an added bonus for October, check out CarbonWA’s Signature Challenge, where 100 signatures may win you a weekend trip to Lopez Island! You have until November 30th, 2015 to turn in signatures and can send them to the office via snail mail or drop them off in-person. Join the fight against climate change and gather signatures for I-732!

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