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Hello carbon tax friends: Just a quick note to let you know that (1) there were no groundbreaking developments during our meeting yesterday with the Alliance, and (2) we are grateful to all of you who have written back to us to express your appreciation for yesterday’s FAQs and/or to share your views of the situation and the path forward. We welcome additional feedback, so let me repeat the message from campaign co-director Kyle Murphy: “Our campaign belongs to everyone who has donated money, joined a chapter, gathered signatures for us, and helped to take I-732 to the cusp of making the ballot, which is where we find ourselves today. So let us know what you think about this announcement from the Alliance and provide any feedback you have for those of us at CarbonWA HQ as we carry on.”

And with that, we intend to return to our normal routine. Unless something changes, next week’s email blast (and—knock on wood—there will only be one email blast next week!) will be an update on our signature-gathering efforts as we enter the final weeks of our campaign to qualify I-732.



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  • Bill Newman says:

    I heard you speak yesterday at the session at Public Citizen.
    Your proposal is the best way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions…transparent, understandable, not gameable, and efficient….good luck.

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