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The R Street Institute — a non-profit, non-partisan, public policy research organization that promotes free markets and limited, effective government — calls a carbon tax a “bargain for conservatives.”

In a policy study written by Catrina Rorke, R Street’s director of energy policy, the institute says even a modest carbon tax will bring big results: “The price doesn’t have to be large. If the necessary steps are taken to remove government-imposed obstacles to innovation and wealth generation, a relatively modest price will reshape economic decision-making. A modest carbon price of about $20 per ton would reduce emissions 8 percent below business as usual . . .” (I-732 imposes a price of $15 a ton in the first year and $25 in the second, with annual adjustments.)






UW scientists “deeply concerned about the consequences of man-made climate change” call I-732 “a major step in the right direction.”

SEATTLE, October 10, 2016 – More than fifty climate scientists from the University of Washington signed an open letter advocating their support for Initiative 732 (, a revenue neutral carbon tax swap that will be on the ballot in Washington State this November. These scientists are world-leaders in the study of climate change and the profound impacts of rising levels of greenhouse gases, such as CO2, in the atmosphere.


Clean energy building and constructionThe building and construction trades, which includes Architects, Engineers, General Contractors, Painters, Flooring Installers, Electricians, Plumbers, and other related vocations, will see an increase in new business and new jobs as a result of passing Initiative 732. This is because reductions in the state sales tax realized by this sector will far exceed new energy costs from a carbon tax. The tax swap proposed by I-732 reduces the state sales tax one full percentage point, effectively lowering the cost for new construction and renovation projects in Washington State, while boosting demand. (more…)

Cliff Mass – Climate Surprise: Unexpected Impacts of Global Warming in the Pacific Northwest

Cliff Mass, I-732

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letter-to-the-editorThanks to the large group of I-732 supporters who regularly send letters to editors in all parts of Washington. Here are excerpts from several recently published letters:

Every news cycle seems to illustrate there isn’t time to lose. Why not finally get pro-active about climate change? Grab the chance to show the rest of the country how it’s done: this November, help to finally establish a progressive state tax on greenhouse gas emissions (while cutting our regressive sales tax at the same time!). For the sake of our kids, vote “Yes!” on I-732. — Bruce Bonifaci, Poulsbo (Kitsap Sun)


Carbon Washington and Initiative 732, KING 5’s Inside Politics

KING-TV’s Natalie Brand and Alison Morrow hosted a debate this past weekend on Initiative 732.

KING-TV’s Natalie Brand and Alison Morrow hosted a debate this past weekend on Initiative 732. Kyle Murphy, co-director of the Yes on 732 campaign, spoke in favor; Ellicott Dandy of OneAmerica spoke against the measure. Among the issues covered in the debate: how effectively the initiative will reduce carbon emissions, the provisions that will help protect low-income families, and the urgency of taking climate action now.

Watch the debate on


TVW, the statewide cable public affairs network, has released its video voters’ guide to 2016 political races and ballot initiatives. Gail Gatton, executive director of Audubon Washington, speaks in favor of Initiative 732:

“When my children were little, they spent hours helping their grandfather feed and watch hummingbirds. As I came to understand that climate change was threatening the existence of these birds, I recognized that we have a moral obligation to take action on climate for the sake of all life on earth, including our own children and grandchildren. I support I-732 because I want to do everything possible to make the future one where my children can continue to see hummingbirds . . .”

Watch Gail’s complete statement on TVW.

BlabbermouthIn this week’s Blabbermouth podcast, The Stranger’s Eli Sanders hosts a debate between Ramez Naam, representing Yes on 732, and Jill Mangaliman from Front and Centered, over whether Washington State voters should approve I-732. Sanders notes, “This isn’t the usual debate between global warming deniers and people who want to tax big oil in order to save the planet. It’s a different kind of debate, a debate between people on the left and people on the further left. At issue: whether this particular carbon tax is progressive enough when it comes to helping disadvantaged communities.” We encourage you to listen to the podcast, share it with friends, and let us know what you think.

LISTEN (starts at 12:15)


I-732 is the best framework for environmental protection that won’t break the bank”

Sen. Joe Fain, R-47

Sen. Joe Fain, R-47

SEATTLE, August 19, 2016 – Senator Joe Fain (R) joins an expanding group of Republican legislators endorsing Initiative 732, the country’s first revenue-neutral carbon tax initiative. Economists across the political spectrum agree that the most important thing that we can do to take action on climate is to put a price on carbon. I-732’s revenue-neutral approach to carbon pricing, which encourages clean energy solutions by shifting the tax burden onto carbon pollution and away from regressive and burdensome taxes that hurt families and businesses, has proven to be an attractive model for legislators and concerned citizens with a variety of political views. Sen. Fain’s support builds on recent endorsements from Sen. Mark Miloscia (R), Sen. Steve Litzow (R), former State Senator Bill Finkbeiner (R), former Secretary of State George Shultz (R), and legislators on both sides of the aisle.


Laurel Wolf canvassing

As Election Day draws closer, interest in I-732 is growing. Here are four top stories from the past week:

Seattle Times: Carbon-tax initiative backers press campaign despite green opposition by Hal Bernton

Tacoma News Tribune: Does I-732 go far enough? Progressives can’t seem to agree by Matt Driscoll

Tri-City Herald: Carbon tax proposal a practical step to limit climate change by Steve Ghan

Seattle Business: The Case for a Revenue-Neutral Carbon Tax in Washington State by Mike Vaska

Also, I-732 campaign co-chair Yoram Bauman recently debated Puget Sound Sage Executive Director Rebecca Soldana before the Seattle Times editorial board. You can watch their exchange on TVW, the statewide public affairs network.