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We are halfway to our Oct 3 match goal of $57,000 so GIVE NOW! 

Due to an amazing sell-out fundraising event with Cliff Mass last week and the ongoing generosity of our small and medium size donors across the state we have raised nearly $30,000 towards our $57,000 match! 

But we need to up our game and complete this fundraising match. We’ve racked up an unbelieveable amount of media coverage and new endorsements – we can win this campaign but we have to get our message out. Our ability to make the case for taking action on climate change now is highly dependent on our ability to raise additional funds. If you want to see I-732 succeed, the most useful thing you can do (besides volunteering your time to contact voters) is make a financial contribution to allow us to bring our message straight to the electorate. 



It’s the 4th quarter! 

If you read our last email blast you know it’s the fourth quarter in the fight against climate change, we’re behind, and we’re running out of time. But we’ve got the ball and Initiative 732 has managed to slip past the opposing defense and we are wide open in the center of the end zone! 



Time for another sports metaphor!

Longtime supporters know that we’re fond of using sports metaphors-most famously, that we’re the relief pitcher who’s going to take a swing at the ball-and it’s time for a football analogy to explain the current state of affairs. Here goes: It’s the fourth quarter, we’re behind, and we’re running out of time. But we’ve got the ball and Initiative 732 has managed to slip past the opposing defense and we are wide open in the center of the end zone. The vast majority of people we talk to—70% of the people we meet via door-knocking, phone-banking, etc.—want to throw us the ball, and if they do we have a good shot at winning the game, but the far left and the far right have come together with the goal of throwing the ball away so that we can “try again next year”. The far right doesn’t want to throw us the ball because they’re “football deniers”.




We are entering the final stretch of the campaign. We have the opportunity to pass one the most important wins on climate in North America, if not the world. We continue to add new endorsements (see below!), staff, and engage in debates across the state but we still need to reach thousands of voters before November 8th. We need all of you to pick up your phones, walk your neighborhood, and flyer at your local events. Not sure how you can help? Check out our For Volunteers page for everything you need to get started or to find an event.

So Let’s Do This!

New Endorsements!

The I-732 team continues to give presentations around the state and ask for endorsements and I am please to announce three new endorsements:

  • The 32nd Legislative District Democrats (Shoreline/Lynnwood)
  • The 42nd Legislative District Democrats (rural Whatcom County and NW Bellingham)
  • The 46th Legislative District Democrats (Seattle/Kenmore/Lake Forest Park)
  • Burien City Councilperson, Austin Bell

Upcoming events

New location! On W Sept 28 in Seattle with UW meteorologist Cliff Mass we will have a wine-and-cheese reception followed by a lecture at The Mountaineers (7700 Sand Point Way, Seattle, WA  The Mountaineers; details and tickets here!

Just Announced!On W Oct. 17Seattle CityClub October Civic Cocktail – Yoram will take part in a moderated debate about I-732; details and tickets here!

  • Th Sept 22 in Seattle we’ll be hanging out with tax lawyers
  • Th Sept 24 Snohomish High School Annual Campaign Breakfast
  • Much more to come! Email us if you have other ideas to fill up the calendar and get the word out!

We’re (still) hiring…

We continue to have great feedback from volunteers that are engaging with voters across the State and so we are continuing to expand our team hiring fellows (in Seattle), canvassers (in Pierce, King, and Snohomish Counties), and unpaid interns (everywhere). Details here, please help spread the word! And feel free to come by and say hi to the ever expanding I-732 team and pick up a t-shirt, yard sign or bumper sticker!

In the news

Lot’s of great news again this week. First up – The Business Case To Mobilize Against Climate Change: Jobs And Innovation with a quote right out of the gate from Bloomberg New Energy Finance chair Michael Leibriech stating “Solar power delivers cheapest unsubsidized electricity ever, anywhere, by any technology.” The New York Times has a new piece titled: Americans Appear Willing to Pay for a Carbon Tax Policy with the statement that “Americans appear willing to pay more than a robust climate policy is projected to cost.”

Our own Greg Rock presents a strong case for why voters should support I-732 in a debate on TVW, check him out here! And Kyle Murphy does a great job presenting I-732 in a mini-debate on King 5 – Inside Politics. has a piece on the campaign: Vote on nations’ first carbon tax sets off environmental row. We have two new Letters to the Editor (LTE), one in the Peninsula Daily News by Dick Stockment and another in the Issaquah Reporter by George Reynoldson. If you would like to submit an LTE of your own send an email to [email protected].

Volunteers in (Climate) Action!

732 Fellow Judy Wu has put together a great series of interviews titled Humans of I-732. I hope you enjoy their stories.




Game of Phones! 

We have 18 new folks on the board and many others moving up in the rankings! If you are looking for ways to help pass I-732 visit our Volunteer Page for all the ways you can help.

Maesters: Phillip Singer – New, Mary Paynter – New, Leah McClintock-Shapiro – New, Karissa Jones – New, Andrew Taylor – New, Alissa Neuman – New, Qijing Yao, Kyle Murphy, Mariana Garcia, Mary Stevens, Rheanna Johnston

Night’s Watch: Ren Wilcox – New, Laurel Wolf – New, Kara Smith – New, Carol Reich, Emma Hewitt, Judy Wu, Sarah Geyer, Ben Silesky, Greg Rock

Warden of the North: Megan Conaway – New, Allie Bull – New, Aaron Tam – New, Quillan Robinson

Let’s win!

Duncan and the Yes on 732 team


In 42 days (on Friday Oct 21) ballots go out in the mail, and in 60 days (on Tuesday Nov 8) the election will be over. Stay tuned for more on our election night party (!) but now is the time to help with the final push. Just follow the link here for different ways you can help, and please help now. In a few weeks we hope to be getting editorial board endorsements and significant national media attention, but right now—the calm before the storm, or our Valley Forge, or however you want to think of it—right now is when we need to lay the groundwork for victory.

PS. As promised, last week I did my first phone-banking via CallFire… I haven’t figured out if it’s more fun or less fun than signature-gathering (!) but it’s important to remember that for every person you actually talk to, CallFire leaves a Yes on 732 voicemail for 2 or 3 people who didn’t pick up the phone. Please give it a try, instructions are here. Everyone can do something! (Follow the link here for other ways you can help.) And congratulations to our Game of Phones leaders… see below!



Last year at the time we were crossing the signature-gathering half-way point: 180,000 signatures out of the 360,000 we eventually collected. Next year at this time we will be talking about the moon crossing in front of the sun, a total solar eclipse on M Aug 21 2017. (Prime viewing will be in Oregon at about 10:15am.)

But this year… this year we need to be crossing the street to talk to our friends and neighbors about I-732. And if you’re not keen on crossing the street then you can pick up the phone or help out in lots of other ways; just follow the link here for more options. This year-right now-this is our time! 


Daprile video capture

Save the dates and upcoming events

  • Just confirmed! On W Sept 28 in Seattle with UW meteorologist Cliff Mass we will have a wine-and-cheese reception in Kane Hall followed by a lecture; details TBD but save the date!
  • Coming soon, RSVP now! On T August 30 in Seattle we are hosting a BBQ at Gasworks Park from 6:30-8:30pm. Bring your family and friends and please RSVP on Facebook or on our events form.
  • This Sunday in Spokane: Join campaign co-director Kyle Murphy and volunteers at a campaign meetup at 11am at Atticus Coffee; email Kyle if you need more details.
  • On the horizon:  W Sept 14 in Spokane we’ll be part of a State of the Green Economy discussion;  F Sept 16 in Oak Harbor I’ll be speaking at the Rotary Club; Th Sept 22 in Seattle we’ll be hanging out with tax lawyers; W Oct 5 in Seattle with Seattle 4 Rotary; and Th Oct 20 in Pullman and Spokane, details TBD. Email us if you have other ideas to fill up the calendar and get the word out!


Momentum is building toward putting a price on carbon! Check out all our new endorsements below and the recent inclusion of a price on carbon in the DNC platform. But we’re not done yet, we still have a lot of work to do to turn this momentum into reality.


Hello, carbon tax friends. If this is your first email newsletter, welcome, and be sure to check out, visit our FAQ page, or join a chapter near you to be a part of the movement! 

“If there was one thing I would like to see, it would be for us to be able to price the cost of carbon emissions.”


A Revenue-Neutral Carbon Tax Ballot Measure Campaign for Washington State


Hello carbon tax friends: If this is your first email newsletter, welcome, and be sure to check out, visit our FAQ page, or join a chapter near you to be a part of the movement! 

The dust is settling.

One of our long-standing goals at CarbonWA has been to move the issue of climate change away from hyper-partisanship and towards a discussion of solutions, even if it requires shaking up the political arena. As the political dust begins to settle around who is supporting and opposing I-732, we think we can earnestly say the political arena has been successfully shaken.