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The No on 732 Campaign is Misleading Voters

A prominent national energy economist says the No on 732 campaign’s claims that the price of electricity will increase by 20 percent in 2020 under Initiative 732 are “implausible.”


I-732Fuse logo, CarbonWA response


Fuse is wrong about I-732

The Yes on 732 campaign realizes and respects that every organization, just like every voter, has a right to their own priorities and positions in regard to Initiative 732. That being said, FUSE’s published materials are WRONG about I-732. Not only do they contain inaccurate information, but FUSE has also ignored or refused multiple attempts by I-732 leadership to engage in dialogue about the initiative. You can read FUSE’s position on I-732 and our response below.


Cliff Mass – Climate Surprise: Unexpected Impacts of Global Warming in the Pacific Northwest

Cliff Mass, I-732

Click here for tickets to see Cliff Mass!

Wednesday, Sept. 28 — 6 to 8:30 p.m.
The Mountaineers (map)
7700 Sand Point Way NE
Seattle, WA 98115

See our VIP list!

6 p.m. VIP Wine and Cheese Reception – $100 (Early-Bird Pricing)
7:30 p.m. Presentation by Cliff Mass – $20

All proceeds help pass I-732: The Climate Change Initiative

To purchase tickets, please visit our Eventbrite page

Access a printable flyer here.

NEW! Read Cliff’s latest blog post about Initiative 732.

letter-to-the-editorThanks to the large group of I-732 supporters who regularly send letters to editors in all parts of Washington. Here are excerpts from several recently published letters:

Every news cycle seems to illustrate there isn’t time to lose. Why not finally get pro-active about climate change? Grab the chance to show the rest of the country how it’s done: this November, help to finally establish a progressive state tax on greenhouse gas emissions (while cutting our regressive sales tax at the same time!). For the sake of our kids, vote “Yes!” on I-732. — Bruce Bonifaci, Poulsbo (Kitsap Sun)


Inspired by Humans of New York: a photography project that began in 2010 in an attempt to capture 10,000 New Yorkers on the street and create an exhaustive catalog of the lives and spirits of its inhabitants. Today, HONY reaches over 20 million people and provides a worldwide audience with a daily glimpse into the lives of strangers on the streets of New York City. 

Grassroots campaigns like I-732’s are comprised of many people who get involved because they see something beautiful in the world worth fighting for. These are some of their stories…

Fatuma Mahmud

One of the biggest things that frustrate me are people misunderstanding the Black Lives Matter movement. There are so many young black men dying because of police brutality and the fact that people undermine it and criminalize the victims instead of getting upset that people are dying at an alarming rate… That should upset people more. I try to understand why people don’t get the movement but it’s frustrating as a black Muslim that people think we’re inciting violence. It drives me crazy when people think a person’s life matters less than a robbery or a riot. I dream of a day where we can all live in harmony and support each other.” (more…)

Carbon Washington and Initiative 732, KING 5’s Inside Politics

KING-TV’s Natalie Brand and Alison Morrow hosted a debate this past weekend on Initiative 732.

KING-TV’s Natalie Brand and Alison Morrow hosted a debate this past weekend on Initiative 732. Kyle Murphy, co-director of the Yes on 732 campaign, spoke in favor; Ellicott Dandy of OneAmerica spoke against the measure. Among the issues covered in the debate: how effectively the initiative will reduce carbon emissions, the provisions that will help protect low-income families, and the urgency of taking climate action now.

Watch the debate on


TVW, the statewide cable public affairs network, has released its video voters’ guide to 2016 political races and ballot initiatives. Gail Gatton, executive director of Audubon Washington, speaks in favor of Initiative 732:

“When my children were little, they spent hours helping their grandfather feed and watch hummingbirds. As I came to understand that climate change was threatening the existence of these birds, I recognized that we have a moral obligation to take action on climate for the sake of all life on earth, including our own children and grandchildren. I support I-732 because I want to do everything possible to make the future one where my children can continue to see hummingbirds . . .”

“I want to make the future one where my children can see hummingbirds…” @GailGatton

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Watch Gail’s complete statement on TVW.

In 42 days (on Friday Oct 21) ballots go out in the mail, and in 60 days (on Tuesday Nov 8) the election will be over. Stay tuned for more on our election night party (!) but now is the time to help with the final push. Just follow the link here for different ways you can help, and please help now. In a few weeks we hope to be getting editorial board endorsements and significant national media attention, but right now—the calm before the storm, or our Valley Forge, or however you want to think of it—right now is when we need to lay the groundwork for victory.

PS. As promised, last week I did my first phone-banking via CallFire… I haven’t figured out if it’s more fun or less fun than signature-gathering (!) but it’s important to remember that for every person you actually talk to, CallFire leaves a Yes on 732 voicemail for 2 or 3 people who didn’t pick up the phone. Please give it a try, instructions are here. Everyone can do something! (Follow the link here for other ways you can help.) And congratulations to our Game of Phones leaders… see below!



Last year at the time we were crossing the signature-gathering half-way point: 180,000 signatures out of the 360,000 we eventually collected. Next year at this time we will be talking about the moon crossing in front of the sun, a total solar eclipse on M Aug 21 2017. (Prime viewing will be in Oregon at about 10:15am.)

But this year… this year we need to be crossing the street to talk to our friends and neighbors about I-732. And if you’re not keen on crossing the street then you can pick up the phone or help out in lots of other ways; just follow the link here for more options. This year-right now-this is our time! 


BlabbermouthIn this week’s Blabbermouth podcast, The Stranger’s Eli Sanders hosts a debate between Ramez Naam, representing Yes on 732, and Jill Mangaliman from Front and Centered, over whether Washington State voters should approve I-732. Sanders notes, “This isn’t the usual debate between global warming deniers and people who want to tax big oil in order to save the planet. It’s a different kind of debate, a debate between people on the left and people on the further left. At issue: whether this particular carbon tax is progressive enough when it comes to helping disadvantaged communities.” We encourage you to listen to the podcast, share it with friends, and let us know what you think.

LISTEN (starts at 12:15)