Campaign News

Print and digital publications around the state have been running letters to the editor from I-732 supporters. Here’s a sample:

“The dominant themes of last weekend’s news (exploding oil trains and 90 degree heat waves) can be expected to return again and again until we finally get serious about our moral obligation to take action on climate change.” — Herb Hethcote, Bainbridge Island (Bainbridge Island Review)


“Washington state has always led the way to more positive futures, with homegrown innovations in aviation, medicine, computer technology and agriculture. I-732 can be the next breakthrough for Washington pioneers. I-732 would accelerate the ongoing transition to renewable energy, while reducing our sales tax, lowering the taxes on manufacturing industries and providing financial support for our lowest-income working families. . . . Otherwise, be prepared to share our state’s waterways, rural highways and city streets with dozens of dirty, dangerous 100-car rolling pipelines filled with coal and oil, and be ready to pay the bills — in money and lives — that will inevitably follow those trains across our state.” — Bart Preecs, Walla Walla (Walla Walla Union-Bulletin)

“Isn’t it time we recognized the real costs of using the atmosphere as an open sewer for the waste carbon from burning fossil fuels? Initiative 732 gives Washingtonians a chance to lead the way toward more rational energy pricing without increased regulation or increased taxes. Let’s do this. For ourselves, for our children and for our grandchildren.” — Bill Severson, Mercer Island (Mercer Island Reporter)

“I’ve been coming up to Orcas for 16 years and recognize how much island residents value the beauty, health, and sustainability of the natural environment. Over time I expect we’ve all noticed disturbing changes: warmer temperatures, fewer fish, less snow in the mountains. Around the world there are unprecedented floods, dying shellfish, and dangerously dry forests. Last week an oil train exploded in our state. Clearly, we must stop our dependence on fossil fuels! That’s why I’m going to vote Yes on Initiative 732 in November.” — Mary K. Stevens, Seattle/Olga (The Islands’ Sounder)

“Our dependency on fossil fuels is putting at risk the beautiful Columbia Gorge and the communities that live there. The record heat waves are a signal of the climate change from this dependency. We need to get serious about our moral obligation to take action on climate change. That’s why I’m going to vote yes on Initiative 732 in November.” — Sara Cate, Yakima (Yakima Herald-Republic)

“An exploding oil train bound for Tacoma after the Tacoma group RedLine successfully blocked construction of a methanol refinery reminds us that we still have a long way to go to protect our city and state from the effects of fossil fuels. Combined with the unprecedented June 90-degree weather, it’s clear that we need to act on climate change by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions – to protect our safety by reducing our dependence on oil and protect our children’s future from climate change.” — Kirk S. Rappe, Tacoma (The News Tribune)

“A heat wave in early June. Temps in the 90s. Also, an oil train derailment with burning oil cars and oil seeping into the Columbia river. These situations can only get worse if we don’t do something about it.” — Rodney Hanson, Lacey (The Olympian)

If you haven’t written your own letter to the editor supporting I-732, why don’t you do so now? Here are some ideas from our recent email newsletter.