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The big news this week at the Yes on 732 HQ, (and yes we are referencing that old Star Wars movie) is the emergence of a new opposition group. You can check them out on Twitter, or on their website to learn more. The group, led by AWB (Association of Washington Business) is made up of a few of WA’s largest carbon emitters, including TransAlta, Washington’s only in-state coal plant and single largest carbon emitter. So, for all the talk from some Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy members that I-732 isn’t good enough or that it ‘kowtows’ to polluters  – now we have the largest polluters calling I-732 way too strong (twice the price of California!).


In an impressive feat of intellectual jiu-jitsu worth noting, AWB’s recent email announcing their opposition calls I-732 both a “massive new carbon tax that takes more money out of the economy and family budgets, and hands it to politicians in Olympia” (read: its bad because it IS a huge tax increase!) and “Worse, I-732’s gas price increase comes with no additional revenue for roads, bridges, and transit” (read: I-732 is bad because it is NOT a tax increase). I-732 is truly amazing if it can do both of those at the same time!

On a more serious note, this announcement epitomizes what we decry most about our democracy. There seems to be no end to the cynicism, carelessness with the truth, and the worship of big money in politics. We are seeing it yet again as a handful of deep pocketed interests try to squash the work of thousands of Washington citizens. We’ve seen it from both the establishment left and the establishment right. We are all better than this. Expect to see us keep poking fun at our opponents, calling a spade a spade, but doing our best to avoid the cynicism and heavy demonization that plagues our elections from top to bottom as we keep running on our moral obligation to our kids.

So, to everyone opposing I-732 for various reasons, remember that time is of the essence. Take a moment to sit with the latest sobering science, which Dr. James Hansen recently summarizes by saying “we are in danger of handing young people a situation that’s out of their control“. Help us pass this plan. Let’s make Washington a clean energy hub that can lead the nation. Work with us in the legislature over the years to strengthen, adjust, and build on I-732. We’ll be there to help you make it work, but there won’t be a prosperous economy or environment to fight over if we don’t get serious about climate change.

Game On

If you have been waiting to get fired up again about I-732, now is the time because the empire is striking back! The campaign has made 40,000 calls, we’ve knocked on 20,000 doors, we’ve placed over 40 media pieces. This is a good start, but we need to grow exponentially. You can help.

  1. GIVE NOW. The Pro-Pollution side raised  to build their website in an instant (we think they kind of got taken for that price..but that’s beside the point). Will you help us stay competitive against 4 or 5 huge donors by giving now to I-732?  (We just received our second order of yard signs, so remember a gift of $20 or more will get you one!)
  2. Doorbell – or ‘letter-bell’. If you don’t want to knock on your neighbors doors then write them all a note! We’ll help you with drafting and delivery – just email [email protected] with the subject ‘letters’ to get started.
  3. Call Voters. We’ve just got to get these calls done. It’s easy. It’s fun. Help us!

New Endorsements!

  • Lisa Wellman (D) candidate for State Senate, 41st  LD: “I-732 is our signal to the rest of the country that we take climate change seriously and Washington is taking action. The initiative is a step in the right direction and is a base upon which we can build a stronger even more comprehensive response to the climate challenge”
  • 10th Legislative District Democrats (take a look at the other LD’s and candidates supporting I-732 here).

Support Our Partners & Job Opportunities

We are also pleased to announce that a non-profit organization with an environmental and social justice mission has agreed to join forces with CarbonWA. Many of you have been giving to CarbonWA directly for years, and we will continue to ask you to support us directly so that we can advocate vocally about the importance of passing I-732.

Today we ask that you consider a charitable donation to From the thousands of conversations we’ve had to date we know that people overwhelming support climate action NOW but what is missing is an understanding of the solutions that we can implement today. Specifically, putting a price on carbon dioxide.

You can double your donation by giving today by choosing Better World Credits (EIN:87-080900 to find it in your system) if your employer matches your donation.  You can triple your donation if you have the employer match and due to the generosity of a donor to BWC who has agreed to match your donation made today (up to a maximum of $25,000 in aggregate donations made today).  Please make these donations directly to BWC.

You may have seen the recent coverage of the Audubon’s Society’s endorsement and support for I-732. Well, Audubon is hiring 10 Field Organizers to do work around climate in 10 different states. These are full-time, permanent positions scattered across the country, in states Audubon has identified as critical geographies as we build momentum for a national policy on climate change.

One of them is here in Washington – it will be located in eastern WA, city to be determined. There is also a manager position open that will work with all 10 of the field organizers.

Finally, directly with CarbonWA, thanks to the generosity of our own donor network we have launched a program to hire a handful of canvassers in King, Snohomish, Pierce and Spokane County to educate voters in targeted neighborhoods about I-732. If you or someone you know is available for 15-20 hours per week and wants to pass the best climate policy in the nation – send them the job posting!

In The News

There is a Q&A piece in the Spokane Inlander with Yoram Bauman, and mention of I-732 in an EarthFix piece about capping carbon pollution. In local to Seattle political news, retiring Congressman Jim McDermott supports I-732, and the top three candidates to replace him were asked to vote Yes, No, or Waffle on I-732 at a debate last week (see time marker 37:43). The best response (“Yes”) came from Brady Piñero Walkinshaw, who has made climate change his top priority and is upfront about calling for a federal carbon tax. (Brady has told us that many people he’s met doorbelling have asked him about I-732 and have told him that they’re single-issue voters in favor of 732.)

You can also catch Yoram Bauman on KGMI radio in NW Washington for discussion about his debate on 7/27 at Bellingham City Club with WSLC leader Jeff Johnson. Finally, the Spokane Spokesman-Review has an July 22 editorial saying “Yes” to “Pricing carbon to encourage better individual choices and to aid alternative energy markets” and noting that “a predictable regulatory landscape would be more productive than the current uncertainty.” Chime in and encourage them to support I-732 by going to and clicking on “Opinion.”

Game of Phones and Volunteer Spotlight

Top Door-bellers: Special thanks to some of our top Seattle door-bellers Bob Jeffers-Schroeder, Phil Singer, Margaret Moore, John Franco, Savannah Kinser and our whole Thurston team for completing over 4,000 doors and our whole campaign for completing over 20,000!

Nights Watch: (2,500 call club!) Aaron Tam, Allie Bull, Quillan Robinson

Maester: (1,000 call club) Ben Silesky, Carol Reich, Greg Rock, Kara Smith, Laurel Wolf, Mariana Garcia, Mary Stevens, Megan Conaway, Rheanna Johnston

Let’s win!