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Hello carbon tax friends: We’re delighted to announce an endorsement from Olympic Climate Action, a terrific grassroots group on the Olympic Peninsula! 

Here’s what they wrote on their website: “The recent election did not prove favorable to climate action in the Washington State Legislature. It is time for the people to bring the issue forward and do what our gridlocked legislative bodies won’t do on their own. It is time for our state (and governments around the world) to turn the engines of capitalism in the direction of saving the planet rather than destroying it. Therefore, OCA has endorsed CarbonWA’s effort to bring forward carbon-tax legislation, if necessary by means of an initiative.”

That paragraph is an eloquent and parsimonious summary of some of my own post-election musings, most of which I am therefore going to save for another time. But I do want to emphasize something that Coupeville’s Lee James noted in a letter to Seattle Business magazine: “Making the carbon price revenue neutral means it has a chance of being bipartisan — essential in a highly politicized Legislature!”

In other words, the CarbonWA approach is not just to push climate action but to push bipartisan climate action. For more on this, see the argument for a revenue-neutral carbon tax in “Why climate advocates fail to attract conservative support — and what they can do about it” in the Seattle Times by Brendon Steele of Future 500 (who also authored “A Tale of Two Carbon Taxes”).

Now, you may wonder why Brendon Steele wrote an op-ed about revenue-neutral carbon taxes in the Seattle Times without mentioning our Carbon Washington campaign. The answer is simple: he didn’t know about our effort. (It doesn’t help that he’s based in California.) He knows about the campaign now, but there are many others—even here in the state!—who are still in the dark about our push for bipartisan climate action. That means we have our work cut out for us, but check out our winter deliverables and see how you can help out! Can you set up a Carbon Washington chapter in your area to help spread the word? Can you make a signature gathering pledge for yourself or your group? Can you complete and comment on the carbon tax swap calculator? Can you help us connect with organizations, businesses, economists, or members of the media? Can you forward our email newsletter (this newsletter!!) to your friends and encourage them to sign on at Can you make a donation? Can you connect with us on Facebook and Twitter? Everybody can do something!



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