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Jigar Shah, nationally respected renewable energy business leader, has endorsed Washington State Initiative 732. “Putting a solid price on carbon pollution, as Carbon Washington’s I-732 does, would massively accelerate the shift to clean energy.” says Shah, who advocates using innovative business models, combined with smart policies, to rapidly scale up deployment of current renewable energy technologies in an economically sustainable way.


“We’re very excited to receive Jigar’s endorsement,” says Yoram Bauman, founder of Carbon Washington. “He’s a recognized leader in both the business and climate communities, with a deep understanding of the public policies needed to foster our transition to a vibrant low-carbon economy.”

Jigar Shah is the Co-Founder and President of Generate Capital. He previously founded and was the first CEO of pioneering solar services company SunEdison, as well as first CEO of the Carbon War Room. Shah is author of the book, Creating Climate Wealth: Unlocking the Impact Economy. He is co-host of The Energy Gang, a weekly audio digest of cleantech industry news.

Sponsored by Carbon Washington, I-732 would create a revenue-neutral tax on carbon emissions, with revenue from the carbon tax dedicated to reducing existing taxes and providing other forms of tax relief. More than 362,000 Washington State residents signed petitions to send I-732 to the Legislature in early 2016. If not adopted, the measure will go before voters on the November ballot.

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