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Political Endorsements

Jim McDermott (D) – Washington’s 7th Congressional District U.S. Representative
“Climate change is the biggest market failure of our time. If the United States is to continue to lead and innovate, we must move away from fossil fuels and focus on developing clean, inexpensive, renewable energy sources. A price on carbon is the best policy to promote this change. I proposed legislation similar to I-732 at the federal level, and I’m excited to endorse this state initiative and help Washington launch this nation-leading climate policy. Vote Yes on I-732!” (Watch McDermott’s short video.)

Slade Gorton (R) – Former U.S. Senator and former Washington Attorney General
“We have a responsibility to our children and their children to tackle climate change now as every year we wait, the costs to mitigate impact of climate change go up, and the costs to solve the problem begin to go out of reach. Passing I-732 is an opportunity for the voters of our state to show the other Washington the way to a bipartisan solution for climate change.”

George Shultz (R) – Former U.S. Secretary of State, Secretary of the Treasury
“The revenue neutral carbon tax uses the market place to sort out winners and losers and by being revenue neutral sees to it that the revenue generated by the tax goes back to the people. Congratulations on your effort, Carbon Washington. You have my support.”

Rob McKenna (R) – former Washington Attorney General
“Conservatives who want to reduce carbon emissions know that a revenue-neutral approach that raises the cost of carbon use but lowers other taxes is the only sensible way to go.”

Brady Piñero Walkinshaw (D) – Candidate for Washington’s 7th Congressional District
“Our need for climate action is urgent. I-732 is our immediate opportunity to take a step forward and price carbon today.”

Mark Miloscia (R) – 30th LD State Senator, Candidate for State Auditor, Accountability & Reform Chair
“We need effective, efficient, and ethical environmental policies to address our climate change problems. I am supporting I-732 because science and experience show that it uses the most effective and efficient mechanisms for reducing pollution. As an accountability professional, I appreciate the utilization of proven market-mechanisms rather than using unproven regulations and government programs that waste money. I also support I-732 because it creates a more ethical and balanced tax code rather than just increasing taxes. As State Auditor, I plan to use audits to ensure that I-732 and all other environmental programs remain effective and efficient. It is time to take the politics out of the climate change debate—only a robust audit accountability program can help lead the rest of the nation toward a common-sense solution. Vote Yes on I-732!”

Joe Fitzgibbon (D) – 34th LD State Representative, House Environment Chair
“Please join me in voting Yes on I-732. We have a moral obligation to current and future generations to fight climate change. I-732 takes a critical first step in that fight and also has helped spark a long-overdue conversation about reforming our broken tax structure. I will work with my fellow legislators to take more aggressive steps to move away from fossil fuels in the years ahead, but pricing carbon pollution is an essential first step and can’t wait any longer.”

Steve Litzow (R) – 41st LD State Senator, Early Learning & K-12 Education Chair
“For our children and future generations we need to start the long transition away from fossil fuels and the pollution they create. Pollution damages our air quality, waterways, health, and climate. I-732 creates a market-driven, non-regulatory incentive to reduce pollution without increasing our total tax burden or the size of government. Please join me in supporting this fiscally responsible pollution reduction policy and Vote Yes on 732.”

Gerry Pollet (D) – 46th LD State Representative, Higher Education Committee Vice Chair
“I-732 is not only our best option for our state to take action on climate change, it is our only significant option for the public to ensure we take a major step forward in meeting carbon reduction goals in Washington State. I have reviewed the assumptions behind claims that the initiative will significantly reduce state revenues, and found them to be contrary to the language of the initiative and principles of statutory interpretation.”

Sharon Wylie (D) – 49th LD State Representative, Commerce and Gaming Chair, Tech. & Econ. Dev.
“Like many in Washington I have political concerns about how we will raise the new revenue our State needs; but that is a separate battle. We can’t let the politics of money prevent us from acting on climate. This November an opportunity for long over-due action sits before us in I-732. An opportunity to reduce carbon pollution, while making the most progressive change to our tax code in 40 years. We should take that opportunity! – Vote Yes On I-732.”

Joe Fain (R) – 47th LD State Senator, Senate Majority Floor Leader
“Washington will eventually take action to lower our state’s carbon footprint. The question before us is whether that decision should be about sound environmental policy or merely a back door to increasing taxes and growing government. Initiative 732 uses the revenues gained through lowering our state’s greenhouse gas emissions to provide sales tax relief to working families and business tax relief for middle-class employers. While no policy is perfect, I-732 is the best framework for environmental protection that won’t break the bank.”

Cindy Ryu (D) – 32nd LD State Representative, Community Dev Chair, Housing & Tribal Affairs
“I support I-732 as an important first step towards putting a price on carbon, reducing pollution, and protecting our children and future generations from the adverse effects of climate change.”

Judy Clibborn (D) – 41st LD State Representative, House Transportation Chair
“I am endorsing I-732 because it is a pragmatic and progressive approach to address climate change in Washington.  It has been a proven success in British Columbia, our neighbor to the north, which has an economy and ecology similar to ours.  From my long experience in the Legislature, I know that all of the questions about the revenue neutrality of I-732 raised during the session can be addressed by the Legislature after the initiative is passed. Climate change is one of the greatest moral challenges facing our generation. We can’t wait any longer for action. Vote Yes on I-732.”

Bill Finkbeiner (R) – Former 45th District State Senator, Senate Majority Leader
“I-732 is a fantastic climate policy that all Washingtonians should support this November. As the Republican senate majority leader I strived to develop a philosophical majority to overcome the partisan gridlock and solve big problems. I-732 accomplishes this same goal by using the marketplace, rather than regulations, to reduce pollution and create new jobs and economic growth in our State.”

Ron Sims (D) – Former King County Executive
“I strongly support the Carbon Washington revenue-neutral carbon tax ballot measure. It is a bipartisan approach that will reduce carbon emissions, make our state tax code less regressive, and protect manufacturing jobs. We are running out of time to address the growing threat of global climate disruption. Let’s all work together to pass Initiative 732.”

Jessyn Farrell (D) – 46th LD State Representative, House Transportation Vice Chair
“I support the concept and urgency behind I-732. We must act on climate to protect future generations in a way that safeguards funding for vital services, ensures a just transition for workers and benefits communities of color that are impacted by climate change. I-732 is a good first step towards that goal.”

John McCoy (D) – 38th LD State Senator, Energy & Environment, Trade & Economic Development
“I endorse Initiative 732.  We are facing a climate crisis that threatens our salmon, our birds, and our way of life.  I-732 is a crucial first step to control climate change while it protects working families and manufacturers and economic development.  We owe it to the generations that follow us.  Vote yes in November and visit”

Maralyn Chase (D) – 32nd LD State Senator, Natural Resources & Parks, Trade & Economic Development
“Carbon dioxide in our atmosphere has reached dangerously high levels, already causing global climate disruption.   We owe it to our children and grandchildren to reduce carbon pollution to leave them a cleaner, healthier planet.   I have long felt that a carbon tax is the most efficient mechanism to reduce carbon emissions.   Initiative 732 is an elegant and effective solution that will reduce pollution and make our tax code more progressive.   I am a strong supporter of Initiative 732 and disappointed that many environmental organizations are not out pounding the pavement to help pass I-732 as they should be.  We can’t wait any longer to act on climate. I urge a Yes vote on Initiative 732.”

Jim Moeller (D) – 49th LD State Representative, Transportation, Labor & Workplace Standards, Rules
“Passing I-732 would let Washington state set the national example of putting a price on carbon emissions. Do you want to lower the sales tax by 1%, and make large-scale polluters pay their fair share instead? Do you want to incentivize green energy, while providing a just transition to lower-income families? Are you tired of government gridlock and inaction on this issue? Let’s act on climate now, with the plan that will jump-start our future with clean energy. Let’s make history. Vote YES on I-732.”

Sherry Appleton (D) – 23rd LD State Representative & Chair of Local Government Committee
“I-732 is a worthy policy to put Washington on the road to lessening the effects of pollution, encouraging clean energy while low-income families would benefit from lower taxes!”

Bruce Bassett (D) – Mercer Island Mayor
“Climate action faces both policy and political challenges. This year we have seen many political groups attempt to discourage support for a great climate policy. I am thankful that the experts at the Sightline Institute have provided such an in-depth analysis of I-732 as it is one of the most important policies of our time. Please help me spread the word – Vote Yes on 732!”

Alec Fisken (D) – Former Port of Seattle Commissioner, Candidate for WA State Treasurer
“Sorting through the contenders for political office in a confusing year like 2016 takes a lot of time.  One handy shortcut is the I-732 endorsement list –  that’s where you’ll find the serious, thoughtful candidates who take environmental issues seriously.”

Mike Doherty (D) – Former Clallam County Commissioner
“With the negative impacts of climate change becoming more obvious each month, I-732 is a solid step toward making the polluters pay a fair carbon tax.  While there is a lot of talk about alternatives, I-732 is the only major step forward to action.”

Sharon Nelson (D) – Former Chairman of the Washington Utility Commission and Consumer Reports
“In Washington, we can agree on two things: 1) climate change is bad; and 2) the state’s tax structure is bad as the sales tax burden falls disproportionately on the poor. As a former regulator, I endorse I-732 because it is a simple and effective policy to address climate change similar to what has been working well in British Columbia since 2008.  Unlike more complicated cap and trade regulatory schemes, the policy of I-732 is not susceptible to game playing and loophole making by special interests.  It will stand the test of time and benefit all residents of Washington, especially lower income people.”

Lisa Wellman (D) – Candidate for 41st LD State Senator
“I-732 is our signal to the rest of the country that we take climate change seriously and Washington is taking action. The initiative is a step in the right direction and is a base upon which we can build a stronger even more comprehensive response to the climate challenge.”

Dan Shih (D) – Candidate for 43rd LD State Representative
“I support I-732 for two big reasons.  First, a carbon tax is an amazingly simple and effective way to reduce carbon pollution.  The science tells us we need to act now, and I-732 is so straightforward that it can take effect and begin delivering results immediately.  Second, by reducing the sales tax and funding the Working Family Tax Rebate, I-732 provides tax relief to all and very significant benefits for nearly half a million low-income households.  It’s a progressive two-fer!”

Guy Palumbo (D) – Candidate for the 1st Legislative District Senator
“The fact is climate change is real and we have a moral obligation to take action. A revenue neutral carbon tax like I-732 is a great way to reduce our carbon footprint without picking winners and losers in our economy. I-732 also has the added benefit of making substantial changes to our regressive tax system. By lowering the sales tax, and funding the Working Families Rebate for the first time since it was created, I-732 adds fairness to our tax code while at the same time putting a price on carbon. Washington residents have a unique opportunity to be national leaders in the fight against global warming by voting for I-732.”

Richard Ottinger, Former U.S. Representative  (D-NY)
“Climate change and energy issues have been the focus of my career. I strongly urge Washington voters to support Initiative 732. It will reduce the carbon pollution that is disrupting our climate, and the offsetting tax reductions make good sense. The opposition seems to me to be a case of the unattainable perfection undermining the obtainable good – in this case the excellent. We are already way behind in the fight against climate change and we need to act now. Passing this pioneering measure may well set a pattern for other states and Congress to follow.”

Jeff Morris (D) – 40th LD State Representative, Technology & Economic Development Chair

Christine Rolfes (D) – 23rd LD State Senator – Ways & Means, Early Learning & K-12 Education, Rules

Joan McBride (D) – 48th LD State Representative – Environment, Transportation, Local Gov., Rules

Tana Senn (D) – 41st LD State Representative, Early Learning & Human Services Vice Chair

Seth Armstrong (D) – Former 36th LD State Representative

Deb Eddy (D) – Former 48th LD State Representative & Mayor of Kirkland

Mike McGinn (D) – Former Seattle Mayor

Jeff Sanderson – Mercer Island City Council Member

Dennis Higgins – Kent City Council Member

Nick Licata (D) – Former Seattle Council Member

Peter Steinbrueck – Former Seattle Council Member

Jennifer Goulet (D) – Candidate for 9th LD State Representative

Democratic Party Organizations: 5th Legislative District Democrats, 10th Legislative District Democrats, 20th LD Democrats, 26th Legislative District Democrats, 32nd Legislative District Democrats, 40th Legislative District Democrats, 41st Legislative District Democrats, Clallam County Democrats, Kitsap County Democrats, Metropolitan Democratic Club of Seattle, Snohomish County Democrats, Skagit County Democrats, Spokane County Democrats, Whatcom County Democrats, Young Democrats of Clark County,

Organizational Endorsement Highlights

Audubon – Washington

Sustainable Path Foundation Board of Directors

Citizens’ Climate Lobby – National + Chapters

Seattle Electric Vehicle Association

New Progressive Alliance

Interfaith Works Board of Directors

Climate Action Ministry

RE-Sources for Sustainable Communities

Olympic Climate Action

Oregon Climate

Cascadia Climate Action

Climate Action Bainbridge

UW Divest

Washington UU Voices

Individual Endorsement Highlights

  • Howard Behar, former President of Starbucks North America
  • Dr. James Hansen, former Director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, Adjunct Professor at Columbia University’s Earth Institute (where he directs a program in Climate Science, Awareness and Solutions)
  • Cliff Mass, Meteorologist
  • Edward W. Sheets, President Ed Sheets Consulting, former Executive Director Northwest Power and Conservation Council, and former Director of the Washington State Energy Office
  • A-P Hurd, President, Touchstone
  • Jigar Shah, Co-Founder and President of Generate Capital, Inc., Founder and former CEO of SunEdison
  • Jesse Berst, Chairman, Smart Cities Council 
  • Aaron Fairchild, CEO, Green Canopy Homes
  • Richard Gammon, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry University of Washington, Professor of Oceanography, Adjunct Professor of Atmospheric Sciences, Ph.D. Harvard University, 1970
  • Lars Johansson, CleanTech Angel Investor
  • Rogers Weed, VP of 1Energy Systems and former Director (2009-2012) of the Washington State Department of Commerce
  • James W Murray (Professor), Founding Director UW Program on Climate Change, University of Washington
  • Alan Hardcastle, Sr. Research Manager, Social and Economic Sciences Research Center, Washington State University
  • Charles Komanoff, Executive Director, Carbon Tax Center
  • Dave Kozin, CFO, A&R Solar
  • Srirup Kumar, President & Co-founder, Community Supported Biocycling
  • Howard Lamb, Founder, Sunergy Systems
  • Bob Lynette, Renewable energy consultant, climate change lecturer and teacher, past Washington Environmental Council Board member
  • Krist Novoselic, Musician | Community Activist
  • Bill Lemon, investment banker, adjunct professor of finance at Pinchot University, and renewable energy investor
  • Mike Marsolek, professor in Environmental Engineering at Seattle University
  • Pete Agtuca, President and Founder of Pacific Air Cargo Transfer Systems, Laser Cutting Northwest, and Three Phase Energy Systems
  • Brian Allen, General Manager,Crowd Energy Ocean Turbines
  • Jan Allen, P.E. CMQ/OE, President, Impact BioEnergy
  • Julie Blazek, AIA, LEED AP, Partner, HKP Architects
  • Patrick Callahan, CEO, Urban Renaissance Group LLC
  • Eric Hull, Co-Founder & General Manager, Banner Power Solutions
  • Harvey Jones, owner, Cooper Jones
  • Aaron Koopman, CEO, VMG Solutions
  • Evan Leonard, Vice President, Artisan Electric
  • Michael J. Smith Jr., Attorney, Business Development Advisor, Impact Bioenergy
  • Deborah Todd, CSBA, LEEDap, Owner, Building Design Services
  • Dan Zasloff, Director of Product Marketing, EnergySavvy
  • Albert Rooks, CEO, Small Planet Supply
  • Jeffrey Morris, Ph.D. – Economics, Sound Resource Management Group, Inc.

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