Campaign News

Hello carbon tax friends: This week we’ve got our first big national media splash (a terrific story by on CNN’s John Sutter), plus engagement opportunities for Earth Day and beyond, summer fellowship news, a $40,000 matching challenge, and a personal note from yours truly (Yoram). And if this is your first email newsletter, be sure to check out, visit our FAQ page, and join a chapter near you to be a part of our movement! 

The good news

Go read the terrific CNN piece (and watch the accompanying video) and remember that November 2016 is indeed turning out to be a Can’t Miss Opportunity for climate action. With the economy continuing to pick up and the continuation of low gas prices, voters are more likely to act on our moral obligation to reduce carbon emissions for the sake of our children, our grandchildren, and ourselves. And, thanks in part to this year’s strong El Nino, voters are getting a deeper sense of what’s at stake: 2015 was by far the hottest year on record and 2016 has started out on an even more blistering pace, with Greenland melting and new models of Antarctica suggesting 5 to 6 feet of total sea level rise this century, “so high it would likely provoke a profound crisis within the lifetimes of children being born today.” That’s “good news” only in the sense that it’s good to know the risks that lie ahead (forewarned is forearmed) and because voters seem to be picking up on those risks: ClimateProgress links to this Gallup poll showing a 10-point jump in the last year in Americans’ concern about global warming. To put all this in baseball terms, it looks like we’re getting a fastball down the middle of the plate… perfect timing for I-732 to take a swing at the ball! And here are three ways that you can help:


Details on our website calendar about events coming up in Seattle (an I-732 talk at UW on Th evening April 21, plus canvassing this week and weekend—follow our progress on this canvass map!) and on Whidbey Island (an organizing meeting on Saturday May 14) and beyond… and if you want to set up an event in your neck of the woods just email [email protected]. (And PS the Democratic County Convention is on May 1, so if you were elected a delegate and have not let us know yet, please email [email protected] for details on how you can help.) Oh, and FYI you can download all of the materials that you need to doorbell your own neighborhood, so that’s an option too!

$40,000 matching challenge

Our Executive Committee has put up $40,000 for a dollar-for-dollar match to contributions made from now through May 15. Please donate online or send a check to PO Box 85565, Seattle, WA 98145-1565. (Make checks payable to Carbon Washington, and for public disclosure purposes please include your name, address, occupation, employer, and employer’s city and state.) Thanks for helping our amazing staff push forward with this campaign… and read on for an example of where your contributions will go!

Summer fellowship and hosting opportunities

We are hiring summer fellows! Students of all ages—and anybody else looking for an immersive, fun, intense experience—are encouraged to apply. And if you’ve got a spare bedroom and want to host a summer fellow for a month or three please email [email protected].

A personal note from Yoram

Thanks for understanding that I needed a breather for the past few weeks. In part I needed to deal with a bout of insomnia and some other issues affecting my mind and body, but to be honest I also needed some time to adjust to and accept the realization that we are going to face continued opposition to 732 from some of our friends in the environmental community. it’s become increasingly clear that these groups are not inclined to support I-732 and are not going to run a ballot measure of their own in 2016. This is incredibly unfortunate because waiting will only make the problem worse, so we hope they will consider what Harvard researcher Gernot Wagner said in the CNN article: “What to do with the money is an important political question, and using the money wisely can do a lot of additional good, but it’s the initial incentive that matters the most.” B.C. Finance Minister Carole Taylor echoed that sentiment, saying that debate is healthy, but the most important thing is to get a carbon tax in place. Just as BC has shown, the policy can be amended later as needed. Carbon Washington is committed to being part of that process, and more generally Carbon Washington will do what we have always done: We will pursue climate action. In November 2016 the way to support climate action is to support I-732. As Adele Morris of the Brookings Institution told CNN, “It’s a well designed policy. It makes a lot of sense for Washington — and I hope voters give it a chance.” You can help us give voters that chance by coming to an event, canvassing in your neighborhood, or making a donation towards our matching challenge… and of course by voting YES on I-732 on November 8th!