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Hello carbon tax friends:

More media: One of our eight winter deliverables is to become part of the conversation, and following up on our back-to-back appearances last in the Seattle Times (an op-ed and an editorial) we’ve got an article this week in Forbes by Jim Conca (“Can Capitalism Save the Planet?”). 

Seattle events this week and beyond: We’ve got our 2015 Seattle Kickoff event at Fado’s Irish Pub in downtown Seattle on T Jan 13 from 6-8pm (details here) and then W Jan 14 at 5:30pm there’s the UW panel discussion I’ll be on with KC Golden and Todd Myers and Nicole Keenan, plus drinks afterwards at Big Time Brewery. Then in the weeks ahead there are happenings at the UU Church, Seward Park Audubon, and Pinchot University. Details here!

Events outside of Seattle: Vancouver folks, I’ll be in Portland January 24-25 (and then again Feb 26-27) so holler if you want me meet up while I’m in the neighborhood. More information soon on other events outside of Seattle, and FYI expanding the campaign across the state will be a key campaign director responsibility… more on that below!

Campaign director announcement: We’ll announce our campaign director hire (!) at Fado tomorrow night, plus on Facebook and Twitter… and then in our email blast next week ?

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