Campaign News

Here at the Yes on 732 campaign we believe that we have a moral obligation to take action on climate, for the sake of those of us around today and for our children and grandchildren. In contrast, the attitude of the AWB (the Association of Washington Business, which opposes 732) can perhaps best be described by Dennis Miller, the comedian who is keynoting their policy summit in 2 weeks. Back in 2003 his view about global warming and his grandchildren was that “I’ll just tell them we moved to Phoenix or something.” Not much has changed in the intervening years because two months ago he told Fox News that “I think it’s hot out there because the sun is hot.” Make sure to remember that the next time you hear greenwashing from the AWB, like their quote to the Seattle Times a few weeks ago that “We agree that we need to do something in Washington on climate.”


Save the dates and upcoming events

  • Tomorrow night! On T August 30 in Seattle we are hosting a BBQ at Gasworks Park from 6:30-8:30pm. Bring your family and friends and please RSVP on Facebook or on our events form (we’ll be in a reserved space near the restrooms and snack bar – look for the signs!).
  • Buy tickets now! On W Sept 28 in Seattle with UW meteorologist Cliff Mass we will have a wine-and-cheese reception in Kane Hall followed by a lecture; details and tickets here and check out a recent blog post from Cliff about I-732! (And PS on the horizon there’s a Th Sept. 1 campaign meetup with Kyle in Port Townsend (email [email protected] to join us!; Sun Sept 11 in Seattle at 1:30pm at the UUC; W Sept 14 in Spokane we’ll be part of a State of the Green Economy discussion; F Sept 16 in Oak Harbor I’ll be speaking at the Rotary Club; Th Sept 22 in Seattle we’ll be hanging out with tax lawyers; W Oct 5 in Seattle with Seattle 4 Rotary at lunch and Civic Cocktail in the evening; and Th Oct 20 in Pullman and Spokane, details TBD. Email us if you have other ideas to fill up the calendar and get the word out!)

Matching fund drive results

Our $5700 match fund challenge ended on Thursday with 57 days until ballots go out on F Oct 21… and we ended up with $18,275… thanks to everyone who contributed! And keep those donations coming. (As of today there’s only 53 days to go until ballots go out!)

We’re hiring (Spread the word!)

We are now hiring fellows (in Seattle), canvassers (in Pierce, King, and Snohomish Counties), and unpaid interns (everywhere). Details here, please help spread the word!

In the news

Thanks and congratulations for LTEs (Letters to The Editor) from Brian Anderson in the Bainbridge Island Review, Heidi Cody in the Columbian, Rod Hanson in the Olympian (his second LTE!), Bruce Bonifaci in the Kitsap Sun,Davis Oldham in the Seattle Times, and Bart Preecs in the Walla Walla Union Bulletin; keep those LTEs coming and please contact [email protected] if you need help or when you’ve submitted one! (If you’re looking for a topic, how about this year’s wildfires? See the Seattle Times: “Governor declares emergency in 20 Washington counties hit by wildfires.”) Elsewhere, I-732 (and Executive Committee member Menno van Wyk) was featured onKUOW, here’s an article about us in Forbes, and here’s the official voters guide info on I-732. (Too bad the ag-focused Capital Press didn’t bother to read anything about 732 before coming out against it.) Nationally, our friends at #PutAPriceOnIt have a funny video short featuring Jack Black, MTV News has “Young conservatives to GOP on climate: Hello? Are you listening?”, the Sacramento Bee has “California’s cap-and-trade carbon program sputters again“, and David Roberts in Vox has Scientist finds clever new way to represent same old depressing climate trends. Finally, anybody looking for left-wing in-fighting can read up on the Sound Transit 3 proposal: see state senator Reuven Carlyle in Seattle Met and the rejoinder from OneAmerica’s Rich Stolz in The Stranger.

The week of phones competition! 

Shout out to Carol Reich, Emma Hewitt, Judy Wu and Sarah Greyer for joining the Night Watch 2,500 call club! Also, starting this week we are holding a 1 week call-a-thon. From Mon 8/29 to Mon 9/5 whoever can make the most calls on Callfire will get a prize pack including a T-shirt, hat, your picture on our office wall, and 2 free tickets to the Woodland Park Zoo (or if you are outside the Puget Sound area, another special gift card)! And anyone who makes over 500 calls (about 3-4 hours) will receive a gift card to a local restaurant and a sticker pack! Login and learn how to make some calls here and then win yourself some zoo tickets and an election to boot!

Let’s win!