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Ramez Naam

The Stranger, Seattle’s popular alternative newspaper, recently endorsed Initiative 732. Then four members of the committee that makes the endorsements published a dissenting view.

Interestingly, one of the four, Sydney Brownstone, wrote an article last year underscoring the importance of dealing with climate change now. “If we do nothing,” she wrote, “the neighborhoods of South Park and Georgetown — including Boeing Field — will be flooding daily by 2104, according to scientific projections.”  

Enter Ramez Naam — an immigrant, a person of color, a progressive, a climate and energy campaigner, and a passionate supporter of I-732.

Mez just wrote (and The Stranger published) the closing case for Initiative 732. His column is packed with more facts and common sense about I-732 than just about anything printed or posted so far this year.

Read Mez’s complete Stranger column.

“I-732 is neither the beginning nor the end of climate policy,” says Mez. “It won’t solve climate change all by itself. And it’s neither the beginning nor the end of progressive policy. It won’t solve poverty or income inequality all by itself.

“But it’s a hell of a lot better than the status quo on both those fronts. Let’s pass it, then work together to build on it, to fight climate change faster, to fight poverty harder, and to lead the country on both fronts.

“Because we don’t have time to wait.”