Fuse voter guide “not-so” progressive stance on I-732

The Yes on 732 campaign realizes and respects that every organization, just like every voter, has a right to their own priorities and positions in regard to Initiative 732.

That being said, the FUSE voter guide is WRONG about I-732.

FUSE is opposing the most progressive climate policy in the nation. You can read FUSE’s position on I-732 and CarbonWA’s response below.

Fuse Washington’s position on I-732.

Carbon WA’s reponse: Fuse doesn’t understand climate change policy.

FUSE states:

“It fails to invest any carbon tax revenue in clean energy sources. To fight climate change, we must rapidly increase our use of clean energy sources like solar and wind, as well as decrease our use of fossil fuels.”

Clean energy investments sound great and can be a useful element, but carbon pricing is actually the most powerful tool we have to fight climate change. Don’t take it from us. The Sightline Institute, when addressing this critique, wrote “A sufficient price will drive emission reductions, regardless of how the revenue is used. Pricing carbon is the most economically efficient large-scale way to slash emissions.”

FUSE does not understand how urgent climate change is.

FUSE states:

“We look forward to supporting a better plan to fight climate change in the near future.”

What plan? When will it happen? How will it succeed when the other climate plans FUSE backed have failed?

Without a plan and an aggressive, credible strategy to pass it FUSE finds itself allying with industry groups that have been acknowledging climate change but yet continue to obstruct effective, and equitable, carbon pricing policies. With the latest report from the carbon brief stating we only have 5 years to avoid the 1.5 degree Celcius point, we simply don’t have time to wait for FUSE and others to get their act together.

FUSE uses “red herring” revenue arguments against I-732.

FUSE states:

“it inadvertently creates huge additional tax breaks for Boeing and would cost more than it will bring in. A recent state budget analysis has determined that these tax breaks would cost taxpayers approximately $797 million over six years.”

The revenue forecast has been thoroughly debunked by a number of studies, including one by the Sightline Institute that found, “to the digit that anyone can accurately forecast, the initiative is revenue neutral” and that “the “revenue hole” case is a red herring.” FUSE chooses to ignore that I732 would be the most progressive shift in Washington State’s tax code in 40 years returning 80% or $1.75 Billion in carbon tax revenues to citizens of the State.

We need to take bold action on climate change now. I-732 uses a proven method to effectively reduce carbon emissions, progressively reform our tax code, and meet the moral obligation we have to our kids and grandkids to leave behind a safe, clean environment. Vote yes on I732!