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Momentum is building toward putting a price on carbon! Check out all our new endorsements below and the recent inclusion of a price on carbon in the DNC platform. But we’re not done yet, we still have a lot of work to do to turn this momentum into reality.


 Can YOU Donate $5 to fight Climate Change?


We have 6 great new endorsements to share with you this week!

  • Jim McDermott, U.S. Representative (D)

“Climate change is the biggest market failure of our time.   If the United States is to continue to lead and innovate, we must move away from fossil fuels and focus on developing clean, inexpensive, renewable energy sources. A price on carbon is the best policy to promote this change. I proposed legislation similar to I-732 at the federal level, and I’m excited to endorse this state initiative and help Washington launch this nation leading climate policy. Vote Yes on I-732!”

  • George P. Shultz, Former US Secretary of State, Former US Secretary of the Treasury, Former Director of the US Office of Management and Budget, Former US Secretary of Labor (R)

“The revenue neutral carbon tax uses the market place to sort out winners and losers and by being revenue neutral sees to it that the revenue generated by the tax goes back to the people. Congratulations on your effort Carbon Washington. You have my support.”

  • Jim Moeller, Representative 49th Legislative District (D)

“Passing I-732 would let Washington state set the national example of putting a price on carbon emissions. Do you want to lower the sales tax by 1%, and make large-scale polluters pay their fair share instead? Do you want to incentivize green energy, while providing a just transition to lower-income families? (Are you tired of government gridlock and inaction on this issue?) Let’s act on climate now, with the plan that will jump-start our future with clean energy. Let’s make history. Vote YES on I-732.”

  • Mike Doherty,  Former Clallam Co Commissioner (D)

“With the negative impacts of climate change becoming more obvious each month, I-732 is a solid step toward making the polluters pay a fair carbon tax.  While there is a lot of talk about alternatives, I-732 is the only major step forward to action.”

  • Judy Clibborn,  41st Legislative District State Representative (D)

“I am endorsing I-732 because it is a pragmatic and progressive approach to address climate change in Washington.  It has been a proven success in British Columbia, our neighbor to the north, which has an economy and ecology similar to ours.  From my long experience in the Legislature, I know that all of the questions about the revenue neutrality of I-732 raised during the session can be addressed by the Legislature after the initiative is passed. Climate change is one of the greatest moral challenges facing our generation. We can’t wait any longer for action. Vote Yes on I-732”

  • Sustainable Path Foundation, Board of Directors

Game of Phones: The Election is Coming

We have four months left until one of the most important elections in Washington State history. If passed, initiative 732 will represent an unprecedented step in the fight against climate change. We need your help to win.

Now that season six of Game of Thrones is over, many of you have an hour more of free-time each week. Help us ensure that winter is coming, and will continue to come, by using that extra time to call voters and encourage them to vote Yes on I-732. A basic explanation of the initiative to voters via the phone is the most effective and efficient way to gain supporters. We are excited to announce Game of Phones. Help us reach as many voters using our easy to learn calling system CallFire. Click here to get started.

1,000 Call Club (Maester)

  • Sticker, Button, Thank you note

2,500 Call Club (Night’s Watch)

  • Sticker, Wristband, Button, and thank you note; thank you call from staff member

5,000 Call Club (Warden of the North)

  • T-shirt or Hat, 2 wristbands, 5 Buttons, 5 Stickers and Thank you note; thank you call from staff member

10,000 Call Club (Khaleesi)

  • Lunch with Yoram, T-shirt or Hat

15,000 Call Club (Battle of the Bastards)

  • Free weekend at Menno Van Wyk’s cabin next to Smith Rock State Park (30 miles north of Bend, OR) – climbing lessons included!

In the News:

First a shout out to Thad Curtz for his letter to the editor that ran in the print version of The Olympian. Next up, our stellar organizers and volunteers in Whatcom County made their way into the Whatcom Watch – Locals Work to Make Public Aware of Major Carbon Tax Proposal. And there was a report released a couple months ago on the benefits of I-732 on the agricultural industry in Washington. Read – Initiative 732 will Benefit Agricultural and Forestry Industries in Washington State to learn more.

On climate, Science Organizations Again Urge Congress to Take Climate Change Seriously and U.S., Mexico, Canada Pledge 50 Percent Clean Power by 2025. The Rolling Stone asks Can New York Be Saved in the Era of Global Warming? Can you guess what is suggested as A simple solution to Canada’s climate challenge, a (national) price on carbon. Hillary Clinton’s Ambitious Climate Change Plan Avoids Carbon Tax, however, the author points out “experts say that such a piecemeal approach, while it would feasibly reduce emissions, would probably be less efficient and more expensive than the imposition of a single carbon price.”