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We want you to get to know the CarbonWA team just a little better.

Each week, a member of the CarbonWA team will be doing a Q&A. This week is Yoram, CarbonWA’s founder. 

Yoram                     Yoram1

Q: How long have you been involved with CarbonWA?
A: I think I registered the domain name in 2007 🙂
Q: What CarbonWA chapter are you involved with?
A: Seattle
Q: What is your main form of transportation?
A: Bicycle 
Q: Why climate change?
A: It’s a super important issue, and it’s one where economists have something to contribute and a positive story to share.
Q: What is your spirit animal?
A: Sea otter.
Q: Are you a tumbleweed or a potted plant?
A: Tumbleweed. 
Q: Where could we find you on a Saturday afternoon?
A: With my wife and baby girl Zadie, enjoying life.
Q: Favorite trip?
A:To San Francisco (my hometown) to visit my family.

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