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We’re hitting our fundraising targets

Thanks to everyone who helped us meet our $57k matching challenge! Between your generosity and the generosity of the donors who put up the match, we raised $116,782 from 355 donors between the start of our challenge on Sept 24 and the close of our challenge on Sunday. Great work (!) and if you missed out, well, it’s not too late to donate 🙂 Your contributions enable us to drive the biggest voter education on climate change the state has ever seen, and underscores that our most single most important priority is saving the planet!

We’re hitting our polling targets

Let me repeat the big polling news from last time:

On August 17 an Elway Poll on Initiative 732 showed 34% Yes, 37% No, 30% Undecided.

On October 7 a KOMO-4/Strategies 360 poll showed 42% Yes, 37% No, 21% Undecided, a gain of 8 points for Yes (and 0 points for No). So we are moving in the right direction (!)… and there are still 21% of voters who are undecided. The shift in polling confirms what we’ve said repeatedly—that the more people hear about our policy the more they like it—so we just have to keep pushing!

We’re hitting our earned media targets

Monday’s USA Today had this Bill Lovelace column: “Time for a carbon tax? A former Bush official says yes” (about a mention of I-732 during a talk that former GW Bush official Clay Sell gave in DC). Behind the Wall Street Journal paywall (sorry!) Greg Ip, the WSJ chief economics columnist, had this blog post (“Why climate skeptics should support a carbon tax”) as a follow-up to his fabulous newspaper column (“A growth-friendly climate change proposal”) from two weeks ago. And the Associated Press ran a story by Phuong Le (“Washington voters to decide on nation’s first carbon tax”) that is getting picked up far and wide, everywhere from Fortune magazine to the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce to the Trinidad and Tobago Express to the United Daily News in Taiwan. (For more big-picture news, see Thomas Friedman’s latest shout-out to revenue-neutral carbon taxes in the NYT and–also in the NYT but on the more depressing side–an article titled “Oil glut? Here comes some more!”)

In happier news, our terrific partners at Audubon Washington are featured in a Q&A in Audubon’s national magazine, our very own Greg Rock had an op-ed (“I-732 helps us respond to climate change”) in the Kitsap Sun, Yoram appeared on Civic Cocktail and on the Seattle Times Overcast podcast

…and congratulations and thank-you for LTEs (Letters to The Editor) from Robert Sextro in the Peninsula Daily News, Sara Cate and Eleanor Hungate in the Yakima Herald, Lindell Haggen in the Spokesman Review, Richard B. Harrison and Janet Jordan in the Columbian, and Bob Hallahan in the Whidbey News-Times. We’re expecting more big media hits in the next few days (after all, I-732 is big news!) so stay tuned for more and please send in LTEs (Letters to The Editor) to your local paper(s). Please read these guidelines and/or contact if you need help or when you’ve submitted one!

And PS last week I included the wrong link to Bill Radke’s KUOW interview with campaign co-director Kyle Murphy and an opposition “activist” from OneAmerica (representing the Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy), so follow the link above to listen to Kyle’s great job and this jaw-dropping exchange:

  • Bill Radke: “Ellicott, on the No side, if this initiative failed, and no other carbon pollution tax passed, would you regret your opposition to this one?”
  • Ellicott : “No.”

We’re hitting our voter contact targets (and we need your help!)

Last week we surged past 200,000 phone calls and 300,000 canvass targets! We expect to double our phone numbers in the next two weeks and to add another huge push on the canvassing front with over 20 paid canvassers in the state along with volunteers working from the San Juans to Spokane to Richland to Yakima to Olympia to wherever you are right now. There are even callers in Hawaii and elsewhere around the country (and even in the Philippines!) who are so excited that Washington has a chance to lead on climate that they are setting aside their time to help us make this happen. A strong ground game can win a campaign, and we’ve got one, but we need a surge for the final weeks before the vote. You might be nervous about talking to the public or tired because you’ve been at it non-stop, but we don’t want to wake up on November 9th with any regrets so now is the time to make the leap and join us in the field. Will you sign up to walk your neighborhood, make some calls, join your local chapter, or write a letter to your whole neighborhood in support of I-732? If you haven’t yet, visit our for volunteers page or email to get plugged in.

Upcoming Events

On W Oct 12 in Bellingham, staffer Rheanna will be representing I-732 at a forum put on by the Whatcom Tea Party (email for more details). Also on W Oct 12 in Mill Creek, Executive Committee member Mike Massa will be at a campaign coffee at Brookdale Senior Complex from 6:30-8:00pm. On Th Oct 13 in or near Seattle staffer Aaron will be representing I-732 at an event hosted by Asian Pacific Islander Americans for Empowerment (email for more details). Also on Th Oct 13 in Seattle, the UW chapter of Yes on I-732 is having a kickoff event (more on Facebook here). On F Oct 14, Sat Oct 15, and Sun Oct 16 in Snohomish County, staffer Megan is leading canvassing events in Bothell and Mill Creek, so if you live in the area and have been waiting to meet others NOW is the time to email to get the details. On Th Oct 20 in Pullman and Spokane Yoram will be part of debates sponsored by WSU.

And finally remember that every Wednesday along with many other days we are hosting phonebanks with pizza in our office in Seattle so please join us remotely or in person!

Ballots are being mailed out next week. Election Day is less than 4 weeks away. Let’s win!

From the whole Yes on 732 team