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Hello carbon tax friends: The theme of this week’s email blast (written by Campaign Co-Director Kyle; Yoram has the week off) is “Honest, but Optimistic”. But first and foremost: RSVP NOW FOR OUR APRIL 9 KICKOFF BREAKFAST!

Kicking off the next phase: Honest, but Optimistic


The honest take is that as a community of people concerned about climate change we have spent too much of our time at workshops, meetings, and conferences with other folks who already deeply understand the issue (even if we don’t always agree on the perfect solution). We already get it. Our message, the moral obligation we have to fight climate change and leave a livable planet for future generations, must be taken outside of our own circles and to the public. I-732 is a golden opportunity to spark a broad discussion on climate change. If we make enough authentic contacts with voters, we are optimistic that the urgency behind I-732 and its common sense approach will carry the day (and polling shows support for I-732 increases by roughly 15-20% with a simple explanation!) – but no matter what, by taking this issue straight to the public we will build an electoral base committed to climate action for elections to come. We know this campaign won’t be easy (more honesty!), but we know it will be fun (more optimism!).

We humbly ask you to be a part of this. Let’s spend the next 7 months together on the most ambitious climate change effort this state has seen. 

RSVP HERE, (or RSVP here on Facebook) to join us on April 9th for a breakfast kickoff in Seattle.

Some changes at CarbonWA: Honest, but Optimistic

The honest take is that campaigns are hard and unbelievably demanding. Each of our core leaders has had the opportunity to take a month or longer away from the campaign, and now its Yoram’s turn for a breather. He is eager to get in some mental and physical relaxation, as well additional time to focus on family and paid work. You will still see Yoram at our big events, but we are lightening his workload to a more reasonable level. Expect to see email blasts coming from various members of the campaign and direct all inquiries to [email protected] for campaign updates or volunteering, and [email protected] for website, donation, or technical questions rather than to Yoram for now.

Squarely in the optimistic camp, we are proud to announce Ben Silesky, the famously tireless organizer during the signature campaign, has been rehired in an expanded role as the Youth Vote Manager. Ben will be coordinating a multi-front effort to turn out youth voters across the state for I-732. Along with Ben, we have also added Megan Conaway, a stellar campaign fellow during Phase I, as the outreach coordinator to support Ben and Kyle as we organize around the state.

Moneybomb Results: Honest, but Optimistic 

THANK YOU to the 115 donors who helped us raise over $25,000 (our goal was $15,000) during our moneybomb! This is the seed money that will allow us to roll out campaign tools like NGP-VAN (an online tool for contacting voters), and re-hire staff (like Ben and Megan). This gets us off the ground and we are optimistic the momentum will attract more donors, but the honest take is that to compete at the ballot we will need to continue to raise funds aggressively. If you can, please give again, host a house party (email [email protected] to get on the calendar), or reach out to a friend who can donate as well.

We are also looking for a dedicated and experienced volunteer to coordinate house parties for us in the interim while we continue to build our long term campaign team. If you, or someone you know, can help please email [email protected].


All around the state, this Saturday, March 26, is the primary caucus for Democrats. If you plan to attend you can help I-732 by handing out flyers,  getting elected as a delegate, and introducing a resolution supporting 732 all while you caucus for your preferred candidate! Download all the materials you need on our new website right here.

Also on March 26th in the afternoon, Kyle will be in Olympia for a 732 workshop with dedicated volunteers. Email [email protected] if you want to attend and have not already heard about it.

Of course, our kickoff in Seattle is on April 9th, at University Unitarian Church from 9:30 AM-12:30 AM. Please RSVP and join us.

In Vancouver on T April 12, Yoram and Laurel will be putting on an educational event at WSU Vancouver. (More details next week, RSVP via email to [email protected].)

In Seattle On W April 13, at 7 PM there is a feature screening of Catching the Sun – a must see new film about the global race to for solar energy and the people behind on the front lines of clean energy. Visit our blog to buy tickets, view the trailer, and learn more.

On Bainbridge Island on Th April 14, Kyle will be joining a Climate Action Bainbridge meeting. (Email [email protected] to attend if you are new to CAB.)

More events across the state coming soon… and if you want to set one up in your neck of the woods just email Kyle at [email protected].


Let’s Win!

Kyle and the whole CarbonWA team