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Hello carbon tax friends!

* Under Claire’s leadership we’ve formed a handful of working groups: Policy/Legal, Campaign/Outreach, Media/Communications, Fundraising, and Science/Academic. If you’re interested in participating please sign up via our survey here and/or email me or and we can connect you.

* We continue to prioritize signature-gathering pledges for the Feb-June 2014 time frame: we currently have 67,000 pledges, up from 60,000 last month. (Our goal is 100,000 pledges by the end of the summer; it will take 300,000 signatures to get on the Nov 2014 ballot.) If you have not pledged to collect 1000 signatures between Feb and June 2014, sign up via our survey here, and please spread the word!

* Thanks to the Peace & Justice Committee of Edmonds Unitarian Universalist Church for making a generous financial donation (and a 1000-signature pledge) to the campaign! We’re looking for other outreach opportunities, and FYI I’ll be speaking at the service at the Northlake Unitarian Universalist Church in Kirkland this Sunday at 10:30am.

* We now have an expanded Steering Committee (with Kristy Royce, John Lombard, Ben Schiendelman, Nate Kommers, and Brian Allen joining Claire Meints, Ian Siadak, Cathy Carruthers, and yours truly) and we’ve also added Ben Silesky as our Media and Communications Intern. Thanks to all of them and to all of you for your contributions and your energy!

Go carbon pricing,
Yoram (and Claire et al.)

If you’re on Facebook, like us here, and follow our twitter handle, @carbonwa. Our website is

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