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A Revenue-Neutral Carbon Tax Ballot Measure Campaign for Washington State


Hello carbon tax friends: If this is your first email newsletter, welcome, and be sure to check out, visit our FAQ page, or join a chapter near you to be a part of the movement!

Let’s be real for a minute. We keep hearing from politically connected folks within the liberal community that they can’t actively support I-732 because the polling isn’t good enough, or that our scrappy new organization isn’t big and strong enough to get it done. We’ve got two messages for the fence sitters and opponents that want to see climate action but are afraid of making the leap with I-732.

  1. Look harder at the data.

    With a simple explanation — not even a tailored campaign message(!), but a simple explanation about what I-732 does — support among voters increases by 20% in Eastern Washington (to over 50%), and by 14% in Seattle (to over 70%) – multiple polls on I-732 demonstrate this trend. For every voter that reads the voters guide, looks at 1 flyer, receives a phone call from a volunteer, or hears about I-732 on the news their odds of supporting our effort radically increase. The electorate is ready to do something about climate change, we just have to connect the dots to I-732.

    So for anyone keeping score at home, polling shows 732 starting out in the 40’s (with a bunch of folks undecided), then rising above 60% with simple messaging, and in the end its at a statistical dead heat around 50% with equal pro/con messaging. For the big time political junkies here’s a FUN FACT: I-732 polls better than Jay Inslee and Bill Bryant are right now, better than R74 (marriage equality) was in some of its polls in 2012, and better then both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

  2. Help us win or get out of the way, because we are doing this. It’s on.

    This moment demands courage. The climate change alarm bells are ringing as loud as they possibly can – and we are faced with a choice. We can agonize over polling numbers, get lost in battles over policy minutia, and forestall action even longer as climate change gets worse or we can fight as hard as we possibly can for a game changing initiative. 

    We made our choice when we started this campaign. Thousands of you in your generous support made that choice with us. We’ve got to finish our work now. We have to make that choice again and commit to 5 months of hard, fun campaigning for a livable future. Join us with your time as a volunteer, your financial gifts, or both.

    If you are in Seattle, you can sign up right now to join us for a field event. If you are elsewhere in the state, you can contact your local chapter to plug in or just start by walking your neighborhood. Short on time? Make a financial gift to help us hire fellows and staff to deliver the messages to voters you don’t have time to. We are in nothing less than an epic race to reduce emissions before the worst climate impacts hit home, and we are asking you to join the team trying to do something big to reduce emissions right now.

    Don’t wait any longer. Don’t sit on the fence. Don’t wring your hands. Join us. Let’s win.

$20+ gift NOW gets you the first YARD SIGNS! 

Now that we’ve made the clarion call to action, we can take a moment to give thanks to everyone who generously gave to our match (and extra thanks to those that signed up to be a monthly donor). But, for those that haven’t given lately and those that may be able to give again – we’ve got a special gift for everyone who donates between now and June 10th.

We are gearing up to order our first batch of yard signs – the first order will probably be a small run (we are also paying extra for biodegradable ones). Anyone who donates $20 or more will get one of the first yard signs, featuring the new I-732 seal at the top of our email blast! Just give $20 or more on our website and send [email protected] an email with the subject “yard sign” and we will set one aside for you.

If you aren’t in a position to give, find someone to donate on your behalf or join us for some door knocking! Our second order will be set aside for our active volunteers.


We are excited to announce new endorsements (and we have some more big ones pending so stay tuned!).

  1. Clallam County Democrats
  2. Mike Tidwell, Director Chesapeake Climate Action Network: “Carbon Washington’s groundbreaking effort to put a price on carbon — in a revenue neutral way — is an inspiration to climate activists nationwide. In fact, a carbon tax initiative in Washington, DC — with a 100% rebate to citizens — is now gaining steam thanks in part to all the great progress of Carbon Washington. Keep up the great work.”

In the (KING 5) News…

Check out this fantastic spot in King 5 NEWS featuring Ben Silesky and top UW volunteers Aaron Tam and Mishu Pham Whipple. This is the kind of piece that turns votes, and we are rolling them out every week. 

Volunteer Spot

Volunteer of the week is UW student Mishu Pham Whipple – Mishu is about to head out to Sasquatch Music Festival to register and educate voters about I-732. She gathered tons of signatures last year and she just won the UW career center “Huskies Can Do” contest for her work with CarbonWA. No more sitting, waiting, and wishing for someone else to do something big about climate change for Mishu. She is doing it. Let’s join her. Rock on Mishu!

Our ‘wish list’

We are growing our operation, adding staff and a second physical space. We need laptops and computers. Can you part with a working laptop or desktop for 5 months? Or even for a shorter period? Each donated computer is like donating $200 to our campaign, so please email [email protected] if you can make it happen.

Let’s win!

Kyle and the Yes on 732 team