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Response to FUSE

Response to FUSE Voter Pamphlet

Open Letter from Millennials

Open Letter from UW Climate Scientists (also at UW Daily)

Washington State Owes Voters An Accurate Fiscal Analysis of I-732

Top 5 reasons to vote for I-732


Policy Impacts

I-732 is Revenue Neutral

Tax Swap Overview

Sightline Institute Study

Washington Policy Center Analysis

BC Carbon Tax Swap is a Huge Success

Washington’s Carbon Tax Swap and Sweden’s Carbon Tax Success

I-732 Opponents Discount Success of Carbon Tax 

A Carbon Bargain for Conservatives

Building & Trades

I-732 is Good for Agriculture

I-732 is Good for Social Justice

Existing Subsidies for the Fossil Fuel Industry Exceed Carbon Price Cap

Many Countries Already Have Carbon Taxes

I-732 Will Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Far More than ST3

I-732 Will Help Washington Manufacturers Comply with the New Clean Air Rule

I-732 Will Help Washington Utilities Comply with the New Clean Air Rule

I-732 Will Enable Washington State to Comply with the EPA’s Clean Power Plan

Carbon storage in forests is not the answer

I-732 Will Encourage Wood Producers to Displace Fossil Intensive Building Product Emissions

I-732 Motivates Innovation that Will Reduce Carbon Emissions

I-732 avoids the lack of accountability from carbon trades and offsets

Initiative 732 will improve forest management

Initiative 732 will restore jobs and rural economies

Initiative 732 avoids the unintended consequences of subsidies

Initiative 732 encourages collecting waste products to displace carbon emissions