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We knew it would be a lift to raise $57,000 in 9 days, but we came close enough to convince the donors behind the match to give us an extension until October 9th!  We’ve raised nearly $37,000 and we need to rally another $20,000 in 5 days to take full advantage of the match. If you haven’t given recently now is the time to re-up your commitment and if you have thank you and now is the time to take to make the case to your friends that they need to join you in giving to I-732! 

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MORE endorsements including THE OLYMPIAN and Brady Walkinshaw

  • State Rep (D-43rd, Seattle) and CD-7 Candidate Brady Walkinshaw who announced his support at a climate forum in Seattle last night and supports I-732 because, “Our need for climate action is urgent. I-732 is our immediate opportunity to take a step forward and price carbon today”. We are especially pleased to have his support because his opponent in the race is not supporting I-732. Thanks Brady! 
  • State Rep Gael Tarleton (D-36th, Seattle) Thanks Gael! 
  • Candidate for State Rep (D-43rd) Dan Shih who says, I support I-732 for two big reasons.  First, a carbon tax is an amazingly simple and effective way to reduce carbon pollution.  Second, by reducing the sales tax and funding the Working Family Tax Rebate, I-732 provides tax relief to all and very significant benefits for nearly half a million low-income households.  It’s a progressive two-fer!” Thanks Dan and once again it’s great to have his support because his opponent has made clear they will not be supporting I-732.
  • The American Institute of Architects Seattle Chapter (AIA): You can read their entire statement here which includes fantastic points about I-732 including “I-732 benefits far outweigh it’s shortcomings” and “Carbon pricing creates demand for architects’ skills” (by incentivizing efficient buildings).
  • The Seattle Green Party: You can see their Facebook post about their decision which includes “the Green Party of Seattle endorsed I-732, Carbon Washington, by an overwhelming majority
  • The Olympian writes in its balanced endorsement of I-732 that In the end, I-732 breaks gridlock, imposes a price on pollution, and forces a conversation that lawmakers have been incapable of having effectively.”

MORE media hits 

I-732 media hits have continued to flow, including Bellamy Pailthorp on KNKX radio (formerly KPLU) interviewing Yoram Bauman- Initiative 732: A ‘Carbon Tax Swap’ To Address Climate Change. Also this week two tough spots ran featuring Sierra Club members and I-732 supporters tussling with national Sierra Club staff over the organizations position on I-732: the Seattle Weekly’sSierra Club members dispute position on carbon tax measure” and, from the front page of the Seattle Times,You’d think the Sierra Club would back carbon cutting I-732 – but you’d be wrong“. Each of these articles features longtime I-732 supporters Erika Shriner, Bill Roach, and Court Olson (who also wrote an in-depth blog post on the Sierra Club if you want the full story). A good follow-up read would be an open letter spearheaded by Alex Lenferna with many signatories “setting the record straight on I-732” which looks at some of the claims used by the ‘not supporters’, debunks them, and calls for all interests to stop spreading misinformation. This week the Spokesman Review had “Nation’s first carbon tax on the ballot in Washington State” with a major focus on local employer Kaiser Aluminum. Furthermore, in the camp of disappointing news, it looks like FUSE’s voters guide is actually going to endorse a ‘no’ vote on I-732 which is mindboggling for so many reasons (especially because they didn’t even hear us out first, never mind that I-732 is actually fantastic policy!) but you can read our response to FUSE too and if you’re still frustrated then we’d encourage you to ‘vote with your feet’ by getting out there to help us knock some doors or make some phone calls because the ‘politics as usual’ approach to climate change hasn’t worked and it’s not about to – only we can mobilize, organize, and make the change we need – we are the ones we’ve been waiting for – so let’s get out there! 

We’ve also got a bunch of congratulations and thank you’s to those getting out there by writing LTEs: Meghan Anderson in the Yakima Herald, William Appel and Rodney Hanson in the OlympianJohn CovertJim HarrisonBob Zeigler, and Yoram Bauman in the Spokesman ReviewGary Piazzon in the Whidby News-Times, John Goertzel in the South Whidby Record, and a belated shout out to our Lopez chapter for Ande Finley’s guest op-ed “Why voting yes on I-732 is a moral obligation” in the Islands Weekly and to Gretchen Allison and Ande Finley for this recent LTE “Voting Yes on I-732” in the San Juan Journal.

Upcoming Events

This Weds 10/5, on Whidbey Island I-732 will be featured in a debate . Also on Weds (10/5) in Seattle Yoram Bauman will be featured in a City Club Civic Cocktail debate or if you miss that on Th 10/6 If you are in Seattle you can catch an I-732 debate put on by the League of Women Voters. Of course nearly every day we are putting on field events we need help with like calling, flyering, or doorbelling all of which you can do on your own through our website if you are more of a lone-wolf than a pack-wolf. 

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Still looking for inspiration? Take a look at our newest GAME OF PHONES inductees into the Maester’s (1,000 call club) Cooper Wechkin, Jordan Gidon, and Sydney Allen plus an extra shout out to our new Khaleesi (10,000 call club!) Ren Wilcox. Also, take a look through this weeks photo collage including a packed house at the Cliff Mass fundraiser last week, CarbonWA staffer Megan with a new CarbonWA volunteer, I-732 supporter Fatuma who is featured in our blog series humans of I-732, and the Saltwater UU team getting ready for some highway banner-ing! 

cliff-house-packed fatuma megan-with-dog


Let’s win!

From the whole Yes on 732 team