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UW scientists “deeply concerned about the consequences of man-made climate change” call I-732 “a major step in the right direction.”

SEATTLE, October 10, 2016 – More than fifty climate scientists from the University of Washington signed an open letter advocating their support for Initiative 732 (, a revenue neutral carbon tax swap that will be on the ballot in Washington State this November. These scientists are world-leaders in the study of climate change and the profound impacts of rising levels of greenhouse gases, such as CO2, in the atmosphere.


Their research and the research from scientists around the world is clear: despite the difficulty of attributing any one weather event to climate change, climate models forecast are emphatic in projecting an increase in the frequency and ferocity of damaging storms like Hurricane Matthew, more intense precipitation along the U.S. West Coast, and less snow in the Washington Cascades.

“Increasing carbon levels in our atmosphere will cause progressively more profound changes in our weather and climate as the century progresses, and thus we must quickly reduce our carbon emissions into the atmosphere if we are to avoid the worst impacts,” said Clifford Mass, Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Washington and author of the Cliff Mass Weather Blog. Significant reductions in burning fossil fuels are needed now. I-732 is a major step in the right direction toward addressing this potential global disaster.”

With the current political gridlock in Congress, any tangible progress toward addressing climate change must come from the regional level. Scientists and economists agree that putting a price on carbon pollution is by far the cheapest and most effective step that we can take to reduce emissions.

“In order to meet the science-based carbon reduction goals that will keep our planet livable for future generations, we must put a price on carbon emissions,” said Greg Rock, Executive Committee member of the Yes on 732 campaign. “The whole country is watching to see what happens with I-732, because the policy could serve as a model for other states to implement and for action to be taken at a national level.”

About Initiative 732

I-732 is designed to move the state toward two goals – cleaner energy and fairer taxes – with the following policy changes:

  • Tax pollution, not people. I-732 will add a $25 per ton tax to carbon pollution contained within fossil fuels
  • Pay less at the cash register. Reduce the state sales tax by one percentage point, putting hundreds of dollars a year back into the pockets of each household in Washington
  • Fund an Earned Income Tax Credit for working families. Fund the Working Families Tax Rebate to provide up to $1,500 a year for 460,000 low-income households
  • Reduce the Business & Occupation tax on manufacturing. Keep living-wage jobs in Washington by effectively eliminating the Business and Occupation Tax on manufacturing

About Carbon Washington

Carbon Washington is a non-partisan grassroots group of concerned citizens, scientists, economists, former elected officials, and business owners focused on seeking a solution to climate change that works for businesses and households around the state. The group developed Initiative 732 as a revenue-neutral approach to taxing carbon pollution while encouraging economic growth for families and businesses in Washington. To learn more about I-732, view endorsements from around the state, and get involved, visit and follow on twitter @carbonwa.


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