Campaign News

January 28, 2016

Media Statement in Response to the Office of Financial Management (OFM) Fiscal Note on I-732

The following statement was issued by I-732 Campaign Founder and Co-chair Yoram Bauman:

“It is always difficult to get two economists to agree on tax policy. We believe the Office of Financial Management is wrong and here is why: The analysis understates the carbon tax revenue and double counts the working families rebate.  I-732 has the bipartisan support of economists, scientists, elected officials, business owners and concerned citizens across the state of Washington. We will continue to analyze the data and assumptions of the fiscal note, but we stand behind our analysis. I-732 will stimulate our economy by taxing carbon pollution and moving away from our state’s regressive and burdensome taxes.

“We have a moral responsibility to our children and future generations. That means tackling climate change now, and leaving them a cleaner, healthier, safer world. We believe that voters will agree I-732 is the best chance for our state to reduce carbon emissions while helping Washington families.”

To learn how this initiative helps individuals and families please go to our website: