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Republican Senator Steve Litzow Endorses Initiative 732

Recognizing the urgent need for effective and fiscally responsible climate policy, Sen. Litzow (R) urges Washington voters to say Yes on I-732 in November

SEATTLE, June 17, 2016 – Republican Senator Steve Litzow, a long-time resident of Mercer Island serving the 41st District since 2010, today announced his endorsement of Initiative 732, demonstrating growing bipartisan support for the policy. Sen. Litzow joins former Republican Senate Majority Leader Bill Finkbeiner and a number of Democratic legislators who have already endorsed I-732, including Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon, chair of the House Environment Committee. They are part of growing community of leading climate scientists, business leaders, economists, public officials, and social and environmental leaders supporting I-732. A full list of endorsements can be found at


“For our children and future generations we need to start the long transition away from fossil fuels and the pollution they create. Pollution damages our air quality, waterways, health, and climate,” said Sen. Litzow. “I-732 creates a market-driven, non-regulatory incentive to reduce pollution without increasing our total tax burden or the size of government. Please join me in supporting this fiscally responsible pollution reduction policy and Vote Yes on I-732.”

“We are grateful for Sen. Litzow’s courage to take a stand on climate change and endorse I-732. Lawmakers such as Sen. Litzow and Sen. Finkbeiner have proven that Republican leaders aren’t opposed to climate action so long as the solution is fiscally responsible,” said Yoram Bauman, co-chair of the Yes on I-732 campaign. “We have a moral responsibility to our children and future generations to protect them from the harmful effects of climate change. In 2016 there is only one way we can take a meaningful step toward reducing carbon pollution, and that is to vote Yes on I-732.”

I-732 is the nation’s first and only carbon tax initiative going to voters in the November general election. It is designed to move the state toward two goals – cleaner energy and fairer taxes – with the following policy changes:

  • Tax pollution, not people. I-732 will add a $25 per ton tax to polluting fossil fuels
  • Pay less at the cash register. Reduce the state sales tax by one percentage point, putting hundreds of dollars a year back into the pockets of each household in Washington
  • Fund an Earned Income Tax Credit for working families. Fund the Working Families Tax Rebate to provide up to $1,500 a year for 400,000 low-income households
  • Reduce the Business & Occupation tax on manufacturing. Keep living-wage jobs in Washington by effectively eliminating the Business and Occupation Tax on manufacturing

About Carbon Washington

Carbon Washington is a bipartisan grassroots group of scientists, economists, former elected officials, business owners and concerned citizens focused on seeking a solution to climate change that works for businesses and households around the state. The group developed Initiative 732 as a revenue-neutral approach to tax carbon pollution while encouraging economic growth for families and businesses in Washington. To learn more about I-732, view endorsements from around the state, and get involved, visit and follow on twitter @carbonwa.

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