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Hello carbon tax friends, this week we’ve got some updates and a couple of requests for help, plus an event in Olympia and some readings about the national REMI study and more!

* Tax swap calculator update: We are making great progress on our summer policy team deliverables (creating a carbon calculator tool and exploring policy and legal alternatives) and in fact the calculator is coming along so well that we are now looking for volunteers to help us design and test our methodology. If you’re willing to spend 60 minutes over the next week or three chatting with us via email and/or on the phone, digging up your 2013 year-end utility statement, etc., please let me know and we’ll get you in the loop!

* Social media: We will have an update soon on our summer campaign team deliverables, but for starters you can help by Liking us on Facebook and by following us on Twitter. Thanks to Akua and Ben, respectively, for getting us back in the saddle on social media!

* Events: I’ll be doing a bit of comedy and talking carbon taxes at the Thurston County Progressive Network annual picnic and candidate forum on July 13. And, speaking of Thurston County, we are still looking for an Olympia-based lawyer who is willing to file paperwork for us as needed in the months ahead. Nothing right now, and no actual involvement in litigation or anything—although we can talk about that too!—but for starters we would like to have a physical presence in Olympia in case we need to file things in person. If that’s you please holler!

* Readings: Cathy Carruthers sends along two 20-minute videos (here and here) that contain an overview of the national REMI study on carbon pricing. I also recommend “The shocking truth about B.C.’s carbon tax: It works“, from Canada’s Globe and Mail. Also the Risky Business report issues by a group of financial heavyweights like Michael Bloomberg and former U.S. Treasury Secretaries; see also “Climate sceptics are losing their grip” by Martin Wolf in the Financial Times. And for another perspective on Governor Inslee’s CERT task force (covered in depth last week) there’s Deb Rudnick’s blog post on “Climate change can—and should—be a taxing effort”. Finally, for those of you looking for a last-minute engagement this morning (Friday), there’s a 9am PT webinar on carbon taxes featuring George Shultz and Bob Inglis.


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  • James Adcock says:

    Suggest you should look into the possibility of your broad-based carbon tax (or some modification thereof) as an Obama-EPA satisfying solution to Washington’s requirement under new EPA Clean Power Plan. If you can show that [some modification of your plan] meets the EPA CPP requirements for actual carbon reduction EPA requirement targets for WA state, then you can make the case “Hey Washington Legislators, you are required by the Feds to do this anyway, and what we are simply proposing is the most economically efficient way of meeting these Fed Requirements.” For example, maybe your carbon tax contains an auto-ratcheting adjustment such that if EPA CPP emissions are too high in a given year, then the carbon tax is automatically ratcheted up in subsequent years.

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