Campaign News

Last week we told you that it’s on. We showed you how we win by the numbers. And now all we have to do is follow through. We need to connect the dots in the minds of voters who care about climate action. Sometimes that means we get to have fun! This last weekend we had two stellar teams of volunteers out at Sasquatch Music Festival in George, WA, and at Northwest Folklife Festival in Seattle.


Looks to me like a good time was had by all and we reached thousands of voters. How do you have fun and take action on climate? Send us a photo of you out canvassing or at an event or tell us what motivates you. We’d love to share your story and motivate others to take action on climate NOW not later.
Endorsements (Now including House Environment Committee Chair – Joe Fitzgibbon):
We are very excited to announce two more state legislators have stepped up to answer the call to climate action in 2016!
  • Sen. Christine Rolfes, 23rd Legislative District, and;
  • Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon,  34th Legislative District, Chair – House Environment Committee

Rep. Fitzgibbon says: Please join me in voting Yes on I-732. We have a moral obligation to current and future generations to fight climate change. I-732 takes a critical first step in that fight and also has helped spark a long-overdue conversation about reforming our broken tax structure. I will work with my fellow legislators to take more aggressive steps to move away from fossil fuels in the years ahead, but pricing carbon pollution is an essential first step and can’t wait any longer.”

$20 still gets you a yard sign!

You still have time to make a $20 contribution and get on the list for our first batch of yard signs! Be sure to check the box on the donation form letting us know you would like a yard sign. We appreciate your continued support through your donations and by putting a YesOn732 sign in your yard!
We know some of you can’t give financially and we know some of you have already given to your limit. We’ll have signs for everyone down the road so sign up to help us at one of our events and we’ll be sure to put you at the top of the list for our second round of yard signs!

Wish List:

We have the keys to our additional office space but we could use a little help making it feel a little more like home, but please not cots! ?

If you have any of the following items that you can donate or lend to the campaign for 5 months it would be greatly appreciated:

  • Power strips – 3
  • Chairs – 8 or so
  • Cabinets or shelving units
  • Label maker
  • Full Size or Mini-Fridge
  • Plants
  • Art or decorations
  • Desks – 2
  • Card / picnic tables – 2

In the news

Matt Stannard of features I-732 in “Climate Justice from the Ground Up: 6 Ballot Initiatives to Watch in 2016”: “At the top of the list is the first and only carbon tax and rebate initiative in the United States, an idea championed by a variety of advocates across a wide ideological spectrum.” For international context, read “Far From Turning a Corner, Global CO2 Emissions Still Accelerating”. U.S. Representative Adam Smith has “Republicans in denial on climate change, but the military isn’t” inCrosscut. This NYT editorial about Oklahoma emphasizes the importance of state-level Earned Income Tax Credits like the one in I-732: (“It’s one of the most valuable antipoverty programs on the books today,” [says] Carl Davis, research director for the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy). Something weird may be happening with cap-and-trade in California: “High-speed rail takes hit as cap-and-trade cash falls short”. Here are the winning videos from a Comedy and Climate Change video competition. And two upcoming media notices: On W June 8 1-2pm PT Bob Inglis and Catrina Rorke will be featured in an American Sustainable Business Council webinar on “The Conservative Case for a National Carbon Tax”. (Click to register.) And our Executive Committee member Ramez Naam’s interview with Diane Horn of KEXP will air Saturday, June 4th at 7 AM on the Sustainability Segment of Mind Over Matters on KEXP, 90.3 FM in Seattle, and on the web at (In case you’re not up on Saturday at 7am we’ll include a link to the podcast when it’s available in a couple of weeks.)

1…2…3…Let’s Win!!

Duncan and the Yes On 732 Team