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Hello carbon tax friends: We’ve had a busy Thanksgiving week, with a new draft of our ballot language and our signature gathering budget and plan… and that plan says that it’s time for a moneybomb! (In case you’re unfamiliar with the concept, a moneybomb is a collection of mostly small donations that add up to a substantial fundraising haul over a short period of time.) In our case, we’re aiming for $10,000 by midnight on Tuesday evening December 9… and that evening you can help us celebrate at Greendrinks at Tesla Motors on Westlake!

You can donate here, and we hope you will if you can… because on Wednesday evening December 10 I’m going to be meeting with Joe Ryan (a long-time environmental activist) and a handful of others to turn that $10,000 into $100,000. The original goal of our “meeting of 10” was to bring together 8 other people to join me and Joe in each making a $10,000 commitment to Carbon Washington. We are confident that we can get at least nine commitments for $10k, and we want to walk into this meeting knowing that your moneybomb will bring us to ten… or beyond! Once we reach our $100,000 target, we will be able to shift our focus toward other elements of our winter deliverables. I am especially excited about moving forward with signature-gathering training and recruitment… and I hope you are too! (Maybe after the moneybomb we can do a timebomb 🙂

But the moneybomb comes first, so donate here if you can be one of 100 people to give $100, or one of 10 people to give $1000. And if you can make a recurring donation at any level, we’ll count it as 10x towards the moneybomb (i.e., we’ll count a $10 per month recurring donation as $100). Even giving $5 a month is helpful! (And please forward this email to your family and friends.)

PS. Since it’s the Christmas shopping season please remember that donations of $100 or more get you a free signed copy of my Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change (recently named one of the seven best science books of the year by the Wall Street Journal, and I’m donating all my royalties this year to the campaign). I’d be happy to sign it to you or to somebody on your gift list, and if you’d rather have one of my Cartoon Econbooks that’s fine too. Just make a donation of $100 or more (or a recurring donations of $10 per month or more) and I’ll be in touch to iron out the details!


Thanks for your support, and for spreading the word,


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