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New to 732? We’ve been gearing up for our ballot push and have already been meeting hundreds of new carbon tax friends. So, if this is your first email newsletter, be sure to check out our website (, visit our FAQ page, and join a chapter near you to be a part of our movement.

Hello carbon tax friends: The theme of this week’s email blast is “it’s time to move on, it’s time to get going”, inspired by the Tom Petty song “Time to Move On” currently resonating against the walls of our office. Before we dig in, take this final reminder about our Seattle kickoff and RSVP NOW FOR OUR APRIL 9 KICKOFF BREAKFAST!


“It’s time to move on, it’s time to get going”

It’s time to move on after another legislative session has passed without action on climate change, and while we believe I-732 started some productive discussions, carbon pricing does not look poised to be at the top of the 2017 legislative agenda either as legislators will be focused on education. The governor’s regulatory cap rule has been pulled, with a draft re-release planned for sometime in the future, while multiple other 2016 ballot measures have been filed none of them are related to climate change, carbon pricing or competing with I-732. So, while 2015 saw a flurry of activity around different carbon pricing options, it’s time to move on  and focus on the only plan that survived 2015 and stands a chance at becoming law in 2016: I-732.

It’s time to get going. There are 7 months until the November election. Each of us has to ask ourselves the question, ‘what is the most useful thing I can do for the climate in the next 7 months?’. Staying home and sitting out this election is not an option, the stakes are just too high. The Yes on 732 campaign is kicking into high gear, with our kickoff breakfast this Saturday (RSVP RSVP RSVP!), weekly canvassing events occurring starting next week (check out the calendar here!), and soon we will secure more office space to host weekly call nights as well. So, if you have a plan to spend the next 7 months doing something else great for the climate then more power to you, but if you don’t, then join us and lets spend the next 7 months together passing the best climate plan in the country. It’s time to get going!

Events (see them all on our new website calendar!)

Of course, our kickoff in Seattle is on April 9th, at University Unitarian Church from 9:30 AM-12:30 AM. Please RSVP and join us.

In Vancouver on T April 12, Yoram and Laurel will be putting on an educational event at WSU Vancouver. (More details next week, RSVP via email to [email protected].)

In Seattle On W April 13, at 7 PM there is a feature screening of Catching the Sun – a must see new film about the global race to for solar energy and the people behind on the front lines of clean energy. Visit our blog to buy tickets, view the trailer, and learn more.

On Bainbridge Island on Th April 14, Kyle will be joining a Climate Action Bainbridge meeting. (Email [email protected] to attend if you are new to CAB.)

On Lopez Island, on Sat April 16 from 1:00-3:00 pm for a volunteer workshop and campaign update. (email [email protected] for more details!)

The Democratic County Convention is on May 1, so if you were elected a delegate and have not let us know yet – please email [email protected] for details on how you can help!

On Whidbey Island, on Sat May 14th, Kyle will be joining the Whidbey Island supporters for a workshop from 12:00-1:30 – (email [email protected] to get more details!).

More events across the state coming soon… and if you want to set one up in your neck of the woods just email Kyle at [email protected].

Stay Tuned

Look for hiring announcements, summer internships, exciting endorsements, local field event, and more statewide volunteer events in your upcoming newsletters!

In the News

There was a bundle of news coverage following the end of the legislative session that included Q13, and AP News, and this piece in Politico(!). Also see this article in Climate Progress about how BC businesses are actually eager to see their carbon tax increase. Globally, bad news on the coral reef front as the majority of reefs are now bleaching according to a new report. Here in Washington, see these great LTE’s from Marty Bishop in Port Orchard and from CarbonWA fellow Jen Monnier in the Scientific American(!!) about I-732. Finally, see 425 Business for an article “putting a price on carbon pollution, “which includes this comment about I-732 “from Isaac Kastama, director of government Affairs for the WABA conceded that Carbon Washington, the grassroots force behind I-732, proposes some creative solutions and “did make sincere attempts to reduce the burden,” but the initiative is far from perfect. Still, he advises those who support a carbon tax, as opposed to a California-style cap and trade agreement, to vote for the measure.” It’s not quite a full endorsement, but we’ll take it!


Let’s Win!

Kyle and the whole I-732 team